Editorial Policy

All materials on the site are solely the personal opinion of the editors and do not reflect the general policy of the resource. We approach publications as responsibly as possible and do our best to exclude unverified or false information. In cases where the situation so requires, we seek formal comments from the people and companies mentioned in the article. In the event of a long answer or its absence, the editorial board reserves the right to publish its point of view, which is clearly indicated in the text of the article.

The editors are not responsible for the comments left by users to the articles, but reserves the right to remove them if they do not comply with ethical standards, are offensive or knowingly false.

All materials that are published as part of advertising campaigns are marked with a “promo” tag under the heading and are subject to the advertising law. In the absence of this tag, the article is considered editorial and reflects the opinion of its author.

In cases where the text of the article is sent by the user, it can be published without corrections by the editor (except for correcting grammatical errors). In this case, all responsibility for the material lies with the author, who is indicated at the end of the article.

The editors set themselves the main task of delivering the highest quality materials to their audience. We proceed from the principles of respect, correctness and professionalism when preparing articles.

If you have any questions, you can always write to email: ceo.updatedideas@gmail.com

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