10 Strategies of WhatsApp Marketing

10 Strategies of WhatsApp Marketing

Do you know there are millions of companies using WhatsApp business and getting thousands of sales every day, but to be successful you need to have strategies? so today I am going to list the main strategies and the best ways to use this tool so that you take full advantage of the potential of WhatsApp Marketing.

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1. Relationships and customer service on another level

In marketing, it is difficult to make universal statements and tell absolute truths because everything changes so fast.

But if there is something important in any business, anywhere in the world, it is excellent customer service.

Being attended to quickly, educationally, and having pains and doubts resolved, are attitudes that win over any client.

Because you may have made a mistake that the customers did not like, but with good service, your business can reverse the possible damages and build loyalty.

WhatsApp Marketing is a way of offering an exclusive deal with immediate responses.

If you want to set up a quick and easy service channel to answer customer questions, think of WhatsApp as an effective alternative.

WhatsApp has an open rate of 70%. This means that your customer is probably going to open the message you sent them.

But of course: first, check if you have the structure and human resources to respond to messages with agility.

It is useless to put this strategy into practice and leave the customer without a response for hours.

2. Sending promotions

Using WhatsApp for sales is one of the most used strategies in business.

To avoid spams and messages that reach customers who do not want the service, the company only communicates by WhatsApp when the user registers their number and sends a message to confirm said registration.

In addition to sales and announcements, WhatsApp serves to attend and dialogue with customers and thus complement actions in other social networks.

3. News and free content of great value

In the same way that you can send promotions and the best prices for your clients just by one click in Whatsapp groups.

For example, a nutritionist who was well informed about a new study carried out and that is perfectly suited to her patient’s diet, can send it to her on WhatsApp.

It is a way of showing concern for the user, for their reality, as well as being attentive to the market and the latest news generating authority.

4. Viral content, audio, video and photos

Viral Marketing is a way to impact an audience of millions of people, without needing to buy a space in the media.

The idea is to create creative and impactful content and reach the largest possible audience quickly, through shared snapshots of the message.

And WhatsApp is the perfect territory to spread that type of content. Therefore, you must have already seen and shared some viral content on WhatsApp.

Be careful and don’t do that so often so as not to fill your clients’ spaces with viral content.

Do not play the role of that uncle or that aunt who sends viral content all the time, without giving you time to breathe between one message and another.

But used wisely, virals are another way to shock and excite your audience.

5. Increase sales

This stage is a continuation of strategy number 2 (sending promotions). If you make offers for promotions and products, it is natural that at some point the customer agrees to buy.

Increasing sales using WhatsApp Marketing is one of the most important strategies that companies apply on this platform.

For example, I know specialty beer stores that send the catalog to the customer by WhatsApp and include the beers that are discounted on that particular day.

The customer chooses and the company responds immediately informing the terms of payment and delivery of the product.

And not only of beers as of other more basic products that are sold by WhatsApp Marketing.

There was a case in which a man was sentenced to return the money to a woman who had bought land from him.

The impressive thing is that the entire transaction was carried out by WhatsApp, including sending the receipt of the money deposit and other copies of the documents.

However, the deed was not drawn up and the buyer sued the seller in the courts and won the case.

That is, look at how things go from beers to real estate. WhatsApp Marketing is a strategy increasingly used by companies to do business.

6. Provision of services

Depending on your business, many times you manage to provide a service through WhatsApp.

Take the opportunity to exchange instant messages in real-time to create personalized attention that represents a unique experience for the customer.

Using the example of the nutritionist, imagine clarifying a question or discussing things that previously could only be discussed during formal consultation.

You save the customer’s time and also make them loyal.

Remember that your company serves to solve problems and pain for your audience.

If you can do that using WhatsApp Marketing, it is one more channel to strengthen relationships with your audience.

I’m going to give you the example of Hellmann’s mayonnaise that took this service provider to another level.

In 2014, the company created WhatsCook, a service that helped customers prepare something to eat at home with whatever was in the fridge/freezer.

Best of all, they put Kitchen Chefs to exchange messages with people on WhatsApp. They explained what and how to cook in real-time.

It worked like this: After registering the cell phone number on the site, Hellmann’s team sent the prescriptions and answered the customers’ questions.

Another good example is that of the Delhi police in India.

They created an anti-corruption channel on WhatsApp and publicized it in all institutional propaganda spaces.

All the user needed to do was submit images of Indian police officers who were not proceeding properly or were taking bribes of any kind.

On the day of the launch, there were 23 thousand messages, which led to the imprisonment of 6 police officers.

7. Transmission lists

My brother Erico Rocha, one of the most recognized specialists in digital marketing in Brazil, has broadcast lists to communicate with clients of the Launch Formula course.

When you sign up, you get on the streaming list of content he produces on digital marketing.

In other words, he only sends you content after you authorize and express interest.

That already removes the shadow of spam.

You can use this tool to send content, notify about various events and conferences you organize.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to send the message to each customer individually.

You can send it to everyone in one go.

8. Engagement with WhatsApp Marketing

How about thinking of new marketing activities that will surprise your audience?

In addition to offering faster attention and disseminating content, WhatsApp can be an excellent tool for marketing actions that seek to get out of the ordinary.

Take a look at this example from Absolut, a global brand that sells vodkas.

The company held a contest with customers. An exclusive party, without ticket sales.

To enter, the person had to convince the security guard.

The most important thing is to think of WhatsApp as a surprising strategy and do viral marketing different from what your competition does.

9. Identify your brand

When you add someone on WhatsApp and give a conversation, it is very difficult not to click on the photo of the person to learn a little more about them.

The same thing happens to your company. If you do not choose a profile photo that translates your brand, or worse still, if you leave it without a photo, you send a negative and unprofessional message.

Remember that your client is human. Later, he also likes to converse with humans.

Starting a conversation with a real person makes much more sense than placing bots or robots to reply to messages. Undoubtedly.

If your company has a physical location, take advantage of the functionality that is used to send the location and thus make it easier for the customer to find you faster.

Thus, the customer then receives an interactive map with the address within Google Maps.

10. Use mental triggers

Mental triggers are psychological weapons used by marketing to ignite the need for action of the recipient.

And as the name implies, something that impacts the mind of the recipient in such a way that it elicits a reaction.

They should be quick messages that arouse the reader’s attention and curiosity.

These internalize behaviors and actions, filtering what is most important and guiding us to proceed quickly in the face of something that arises as a need.

Which avoids all reflection work before making decisions.

10 Strategies of WhatsApp Marketing

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