12 Simple Gifts Anyone In Your Life Will Love

Gifts Your Partner Will Surely Love

The weather is starting to cool off, the leaves are changing colors, and the kids are back in school. Suddenly long and lazy summer days become busy fall mornings. Halloween will fly right by, and before you know it, the holiday season will be here again. 

Be prepared with hostess gifts for Thanksgiving get-togethers and presents for Christmas, Hanukkah, the Solstice, or whatever winter holiday you celebrate. Enjoy your time with family and friends without worrying about finding the perfect gift at the last minute. 

Whether you’re looking for a tea gift for your mother-in-law or a fun toy for your nephew, these twelve simple ideas will help you find a gift that’s just right for all the different people in your life.

For the Host or Hostess 

Fall and winter are full of gatherings between family and friends. It’s prudent to always have a few hostess gifts on hand. That way, you’ll never arrive empty-handed. These tried and true ideas won’t cost a fortune and include items any seasoned host or hostess will be happy to add to their kitchen. 

1. Tea Gifts 

Bring some cozy and comforting tea gifts to share with the party’s host. Rather than bringing just your average run-of-the-mill tea, find something truly unique on Sips By. They offer a variety of tea gifts. 

Load up on their affordable $5 tea boxes and share tea gifts with everyone at your office holiday party or pick out a brunch tea gift set for your bestie whose hosting the book club brunch. Tea gifts are a great way to introduce friends and family to new and unique teas from around the world. 

2. Unique Bottle of Wine 

It’s always a good call to arrive at a party with an extra bottle or two of wine. Why not bring something unique? Go to your local wine market and find some distinctive or local brands to bring along to the next soiree. You’ll support local businesses and expand your palate. 

3. Specialty Olive Oil 

The chef in your life will love a unique specialty olive oil to add to their collection. They’ll have fun experimenting with a garlic infusion or hot chili olive oil in their new recipes. Next time you travel through a new town, pop into a kitchen store and pick out an infused olive oil. 

4. Butter Bell 

Gift your host or hostess friend a butter bell so they can always have room-temperature spreadable butter on hand. The water seals the butter and protects it from oxygen and bacteria.

These handy devices allow you to keep butter fresh on the counter for up to 30 days. Now they can butter their toast every morning with ease. 

5. Cookie Cutter Set 

Cookie cutter sets make a great gift and allow your family and friends to create memories by making delicious treats with their families. Pick a spooky set for your sister hosting the annual Halloween party or a chic holiday set once Thanksgiving rolls around. Maybe you’ll even get some tasty cookies at their next event. 

For the Little Ones 

Finding the right gift for little kids can be challenging. Toys are fun, but sometimes it seems like they already have many. You want to choose something you know they’ll love and won’t just end up at the bottom of their toy box. 

6. LCD Writing Tablet 

Gift the little artist in your life with an LCD writing tablet from Orsen. This compact tablet can entertain kids on long drives or at restaurants by giving them a chance to doodle and draw to their heart’s content. 

7. Craft Kit 

Older kids may want to be even more creative. Try out a craft kit to introduce them to a new hobby. Gift them some Sculpey clay and help them make their own action figures, or teach them to crochet with a kit they can use to make a scarf or blanket. 

8. Create a Memory Together 

Quality time is a beautiful gift to give any child in your life, and their parents will probably appreciate a day to themselves as well. Go on a scavenger hunt about town with your niece or nephew. They will love exploring with you and enjoy having all your attention. 

Close Family and Friends 

Sometimes the people we are the closest to are the most challenging to shop for. You want the gift to mean more since you care so much about that person. A simple and meaningful gift is all it takes, even for those who seem to own everything already. 

9. Book of the Month Club 

Anyone who loves to read will appreciate a membership to the Book of the Month Club. Each month they’ll be able to choose a new book to add to their collection, including new releases– no need for you to guess what books your bookworm friend has already read. Each month when they log in to choose a new book, they’ll know it came from you! 

10. Cocktail Set 

Elevate your friend or family members’ cocktail game with a chic cocktail set. Do they love a classic martini or prefer a spicy margarita? Make it more personal by including the ingredients to the cocktail they always order at your favorite restaurant. 

11. Board Game 

Get a gift the whole family can appreciate. A new board game allows you to create memories together! You’ll have something to do together after dinner, and the kids will look forward to it whenever you visit.  

12. Handmade Treasure 

Take the time to make a gift by hand. Make a photo book with your children of all your latest adventures to gift to their grandparents. Share a mug you made in ceramics class with a dear friend. They’ll love having a piece of you in the gift you made just for them. 

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12 Simple Gifts Anyone In Your Life Will Love

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