1989 Denver Broncos Roster

The 1989 Denver Broncos roster was stacked with quality players. They included defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, Pro Bowl nose tackle Greg Kragen, 1st-team All-Pro inside linebacker Karl Mecklenburg, and strong safety Dennis Smith. John Elway, the quarterback, was inconsistent with a 73.7 passer rating as well as as many interceptions and touchdowns. Other star players on the roster included wide receiver Vance Johnson, strong safety Steve Atwater, and free safety Ron Holmes.

Although the Broncos weren’t at their best, they were steadily improving. They were a top-five defensive team and had a top-5 offense. They were able beat the San Francisco 49ers during the season. The ’89 Broncos won their first two playoff games and defended their AFC title. The team did not fare as well at the Super Bowl.

The 1989 Denver Broncos won eleven games and finished first in both the American Football Conference (NFL’s West Division) and the American Football Conference (NFL). They scored 362 points, and their offense was led by quarterback John Elway. Vance Johnson led the receivers with over 1,000 yards. Vance Johnson and Bobby Humphrey, running backs, added more than 1,000 yards. Denver was eighth in points scored and their defense won the game. You can find some interesting pieces if you have trouble visualizing the 1989 Denver Broncos roster.

After John Elway was drafted by the Broncos in spring 1983, the team reaped the rewards. Elway, a disgruntled Baltimore Colts draftee, starred for 16 seasons and became the most iconic player in franchise history. Although the 1989 Denver Broncos roster was impressive, it never reached its peak. The team returned to form, making it to the Super Bowl for the third time in four seasons. However, they failed to take home the Lombardi Trophy.

Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding Jack Tenorman’s family, the 1989 Denver Broncos were a great football team. After the death of his father, Jack Tenorman flirted with Liane Cartman. Tenorman made her pregnant and delivered the child, who would become a Bronco. The Broncos became so popular in South Park, they changed their name from the Broncos to the 1991 Denver Broncos.

The Broncos went 8-2 in the 1989 season. They won the AFC West by beating the Raiders, Seahawks, and Chiefs, all of whom were perennial playoff contenders. Their first playoff game against Seahawks was a great one. The Broncos tied it and forced overtime. The Broncos had to play Gary Kubiak in Elway’s place after Elway’s stomach virus forced him to miss the Washington Redskins game. Gary Kubiak managed a 14-10 victory in D.C.

1989 Denver Broncos Roster
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