2007 Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are banking on a few career years from some of their veterans, and Jose Guillen and Juan Soto could help them improve on their 2006 results. While the team’s offense failed to score enough runs in center field, Jeremy Reed and Willie Bloomquist should improve on their 2006 numbers. To stay healthy, the Mariners will need to keep their core seven intact and play at least 150 more games. The offense will be slightly better, but they will need to improve at CF and score fewer runs than their league average.

As for the pitching staff, the Mariners are very strong on the mound, and they should have a solid rotation in 2007. However, their starting rotation has some problems. Jose Guillen’s performance in the last four seasons has been above average, but he has been inconsistent and has a mediocre ERA. To fill those spots, the Mariners will need a pitcher who has more experience. There are many other questions that need to be answered, but it’s difficult to overlook the potential and talent of the Mariners’ bullpen.

The Mariners lost three-quarters of their rotation in the playoffs. They lost Jamie Moyer and Gil Meche, but they replaced them by average or poor pitchers. The Mariners also lost most of their offense, however, most of their starters are back in 2007. With that said, there are a few question marks that the 2007 team will be as good as the 2006 one. The key will be identifying the right players and the right pitching staff.

The Seattle Mariners finished the 2007 season with a record of 78-84, making the team’s best season since 2001. They finished second in AL West Division. Adrian Beltre was the Mariners’ top hitter with 26 home runs. Raul Ibanez was second with 20. Juan Soto, Felix Hernandez, and Raul Ibanez were Mariners’ first-round draft choices. However, they did not make the playoffs and had a mediocre record.

Although the Seattle Mariners did not win the World Series, they still wanted to capitalize on their 2006 success. They restructured the roster and added Carlos Silva and Miguel Cairo to their team. Brad Wilkerson was also added. Erik Bedard was also added. They also hired a new coaching staff, and replaced former catcher George Sherill and outfielder Adam Jones with a top prospect in the draft. Afterward, they traded both players to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Erik Bedard.

The Seattle Mariners made some smart moves, including signing Jarrod Washburn and Kenji Johjima, both of whom were previously with Los Angeles Angels. These players helped the team win the division, but ultimately ended up outside of the postseason. They finished the season 2.5 games out of first place in the AL West and went on to lose to the New York Yankees in the ALCS. They are definitely a team to keep an eye on in 2007.

2007 Seattle Mariners
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