3 Transportation Options When You Can’t Drive


Driving is a central part of life for many Americans. But tons of people can’t or don’t want to drive. If you have problems operating a vehicle or don’t want to, you have options. These methods may not be as common, but you can still get around and run errands or go to work.

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The Bus

Even if it’s not great, many cities have a bus system you can use to ride longer distances within your city. You’ll need to check the schedule and routes to make sure you can get to where you need, but it’s an easy option. Bus rides are usually cheap, and some cities have buses running every few minutes, so you may not have to wait long to get on a bus.

A Chauffeur

If you want a more private way to get around town, you can look for certified chauffeurs in Atlanta GA or wherever you live. A private driver can take you wherever you need to go whenever. You don’t have to worry about bus schedules or connecting between different buses. That can save a lot of time if you need to go far away, and you can be more flexible with your time.


It sounds simple, but if you live near your local grocery store or work, you can walk. You can take your time and get to your destination whenever, and you can get some physical activity at the same time. Of course, you should be safe. If you aren’t comfortable walking at night or alone, you can opt for other forms of transportation. Still, walking is a great way to explore your neighborhood and get things done.

If you’ve ever driven in traffic, you know it’s a blessing and a curse. You can get places farther, but you have to follow the traffic flow. And if you can’t drive, you have to rely on other people to drive you. Luckily, many cities have other options for you.

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3 Transportation Options When You Can’t Drive

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