5 Best Ways to Learn Technical Analysis Before You Start Trading

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Technical analysis is now among the must-have skills for someone who is going to engage in stock trading. With the increase in the number of investors and exponential volatility in the markets, it becomes very difficult for the new players to move in the right direction without accurate knowledge of the stocks. To enhance your knowledge, it is always better to enroll in a technical analysis course.

5 Best Ways of Technical Analysis Course

To help you make your pick, we bring to you the five best ways to learn technical analysis before you start your trading.

1. Upsurge Technical Analysis Course

If you are a beginner who is aspiring to become an expert with a strong foundation, then you must check out the technical analysis course offered by Upsurge. Their holistic learning resources along with integrated training and live exercises are just what you need to become a pro at technical analysis.

Upsurge is also a widely popular e-learning platform when it comes to providing the best technical analysis courses. You also get access to the various skill-based technical analysis download-friendly resources at Upsurge.

2. University-Affiliated Online Training

University-affiliated courses are widely acclaimed for providing affiliated certifications from renowned universities and institutions around the world. These courses are a good option for learning technical analysis for beginners as they come with foundational concepts.

However, if you are looking for a technical analysis course for beginning hands-on trading, then these courses may not be the best option for you as it is mostly directed toward fulfilling academic requirements.

3. Learning Through Professional Networking Platforms

Recently, many professional networking platforms have also come up with multiple technical analysis courses. These are designed in such a manner that everyone regardless of their expertise or experience in the field can get a wholesome picture of technical analysis.

Professional networking platform courses are a popular choice for stock market trading and chart reading. They are great for those who are also looking for academic benefits through an online certification in technical analysis.

4. Stock Market Training by Trading Companies

An unusual mention in the list, which is known to very few people, are courses affiliated with trading companies that give you a detailed learning experience in technical analysis and other stock market trading skills.

Many new traders start their trading stint after going through the stock trading courses at these platforms. Some budding EdTech companies and online learning platforms are gaining popularity due to their well-curated specialization courses affiliated with trading partners.

5. Hands-on Training By Experts

One of the popular ways to learn technical analysis is by finding an expert who can guide you through the basic and advanced concepts of stock trading. Although the interaction factor is there and it can help in self-paced learning, there are relatively easier ways to learn technical analysis. Therefore, many people opt for the best alternative, i.e., technical analysis courses online.


Whether you are a beginner or someone who has already had an experience in the stock markets, technical analysis can certainly help you in many ways. It can increase your chances of identifying profitable stocks and recognizing the short-term and long-term benefits of investing in them. Therefore, you can buckle up and start equipping yourself with the right resources that will help you become a professional stock market trader.

5 Best Ways to Learn Technical Analysis Before You Start Trading

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