50th Birthday Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who’s turning 50 soon?

Well, they’re in for a treat. The big 5-0 is literally America’s favorite age! Ask everyone the age they’d like to stay forever and, on average, that one comes out on top.

To celebrate this happy occasion, it’s natural to want to buy your friend, partner, or family member the perfect present. The tricky part’s coming up with 50th birthday gift ideas that won’t break the bank! Know the struggle and want some help?

You’re in the right place. Today we’re going through a long list of the best budget-friendly birthday gifts for 50-year-olds. Check them out!

A Photo Album

Why not mark this milestone by gifting your loved one a hand-made photo album? Compile a selection of snaps from throughout the last half-century, charting the course of their life thus far. Source photos of memorable events, family vacations, wedding days, and so on, sticking them all into a single beautiful album.

A thoughtful gift of the highest caliber, they’ll love sifting through the memories and reliving the amazing experiences contained within the pages. The best part? The only things you’ll have to pay for are the album itself and any photos that need printing.

A Massage Device

50 might be the new 30, but the previous decades definitely take a toll on your body! That’s why a massage device would make another ideal birthday present for 50-year-olds! It’ll massage weary muscles, lower stress levels, and deliver a dose of pleasure on their big day.

Massage devices come in many different shapes and sizes too, which should help you find one that fits your budget. From the simplest wire head massagers to hand-held deep tissue massage guns, you’re sure to encounter something up to the task. And you never know, when the birthday boy/girl’s had their turn, they may let you have a go too!

An ILU Jar

An ILU is a clever slant on the classic IOU, standing for I love you (as opposed to I owe you). The premise behind this gift idea is to let the soon-to-be 50-year-old know just how much they mean to everyone! Ask family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to write a short note (an ILU), full of appreciation, thanks, well-wishes, and so on.

Then collect those notes, put them in individual envelopes, and place them all inside a big jar. Present that jar to your loved one on their birthday and they can read those notes at their leisure! They’re sure to appreciate the effort, thought and kind words involved.

50th birthday gift ideas don’t get cheaper than this either. The only cost is that of the jar, some high-quality paper/card, and a pen for the messages!

A Hamper of Retro Candy

One of the hardest parts of buying someone a 50th birthday present is that they often already have everything they want and/or need! You’re left clutching at straws, wondering what on earth to buy them. Know the struggle?

Well, retro candy could provide the perfect solution- especially if they have a sweet tooth. After all, you can bet your bottom dollar that they don’t have the candy bars, chocolates, and sweet treats from their childhood at home! Find one of the many online retro candy stores that sell it, try pick n mix their favorite selection of sweet treats, and display it all in an attractive hamper.

From the nostalgia to the flavors, they’re sure to love every aspect of this particular gift.

A Bottle of Champagne

Nothing screams ‘celebration’ more than a bottle of bubbly. And there’s no better excuse to celebrate than for a milestone as monumental as the big 5-0! Get the new quinquagenarian a bottle of champagne, then, and it’ll go down a treat every time.

Worried about your bank balance?

Don’t be! It doesn’t have to be a fancy (read: expensive) bottle. Trust us, even low to mid-range bottles of bubbles will delight your taste buds and provide the perfect ‘cork pop’ to get the party started.

A Travel Bag

Adventures don’t have to stop at 50. Heck, they’re only just getting started! With that idea in mind, why not try to inspire some wanderlust in your loved one by gifting them a travel bag?

Whether it’s a suitcase, a carry-on, or a tote bag, they’re sure to appreciate the thought.

For anybody on a tighter budget, you could even go a step further and make one. All you’d need is some stylish fabric, a needle and thread, a good dose of patience, and a large number of YouTube tutorials to draw upon for inspiration! Failing that, head to Walmart, or check websites like Glitch N Dealz, to search for discounted travel luggage.

A Set of Engraved Glasses

At 50 years old, most people have developed a penchant for a particular type of beverage. Whether they enjoy wine, beer, whiskey, or port, you could give them some specialty drinking glasses to enjoy it from! Combine that with a bottle of their favorite booze and you’ve got another first-rate 50th birthday gift.

Looking for the proverbial cherry on top? Get the drinking glasses engraved with their name and/or the date of their big day! That way, they’ll think of you and remember their 50th whenever they use them.

Don’t Forget These 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Contrary to what some people say, turning 50’s a reason to celebrate, not commiserate! It’s an amazing time of life, where you enjoy the small things more than ever, reap the benefits of wisdom, and still have the energy to make the most of your time.

Have you been trying (and failing) to think up some affordable 50th birthday gift ideas to help a loved one experience the big day to its fullest? Well, we hope this post has helped! Pick any of the presents in this article and it’s sure to be happily received.

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50th Birthday Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

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