7 Cares Idaho Shares

The 7 Cares Idaho Shares 7th Annual Event was a huge success in the Treasure Valley and Twin Falls. It was rainy and we collected food and cash donations at Albertsons Stadium, and held food drives at Fred Meyer stores. We raised $179,000, which we distributed to local charities. We can feed the hungry in our community with your help. We hope that you will consider joining us!

The event takes place on Saturday, Dec. 11. This year, the event will accept non-perishable food and cash donations. In addition to collecting food and cash donations, the fundraiser will feature a virtual fundraising effort. 7Cares 2020 will be a virtual event, but it will return to live in 2021. Online donations are possible. While this isn’t the most convenient way to donate, you can still help the cause by making a donation.

You can donate food, cash, and other items at participating Fred Meyer and Albertsons stores. You can also participate in the virtual fundraising event. The live broadcast of the fundraiser will be broadcast on KTVB. You can make a donation online as well. You can also visit the event website to find out more. You can find the details about the event here. Donations can be made online and in person.

The event will air live on KTVB television in Twin Falls and Treasure Valley on December 11. You can also donate food or cash at Fred Meyer, Albertsons, or Boise Rescue Mission Ministries. You can also support the organization by making an online donation or by donating in the retail stores. It is expected that the organization will distribute nearly 2.9 million meals in 2021. You can help them with your time or resources.

7Cares Idaho Shares, a unique fundraising event, will be held on December 11. The funds will be divided among nine Idaho nonprofits. The event is a five-and-a-half hour event that features local and regional charities. During this event, people can make online donations. There are many places where you can donate food. The donation is the most effective way to show support for the charity.

The annual 7Cares Idaho Shares is a popular fundraiser in the Treasure Valley. KTVB broadcasts the event live from Fred Meyer and Albertsons. 7Cares Idaho will provide food and money to nine local nonprofits. In 2021, nearly 2.9 million meals will be provided. This is a large number, especially for a small community such as Treasure Valley.

The live broadcast of 7Cares Idaho Shares will be on KTVB on Dec. 11 in the Treasure Valley. The live event will be a virtual fundraiser. Fred Meyer and Albertsons stores will accept donations. Participating in the live event will allow you to support the homeless in your local community. You can also donate online. If you are unable to attend the live broadcast, you can support the cause by supporting KTVB’s efforts.

KTVB will be broadcasting the event live from Fred Meyer and Albertsons. The event will raise funds for local nonprofits that support Idaho families. The Idaho Foodbank is the most prominent organization on the list. The charity’s website will feature a variety of different ways to donate. You can also make a donation on the day of the live broadcast. The entire event will be streamed live on KTVB and will be broadcast on KTVB.

Despite being a virtual fundraiser, 7 Cares Idaho Shares will take place on Dec. 11. Donations can be made in cash or non-perishable food at Fred Meyer stores. You can also make a donation online. By doing this, you’ll be helping a homeless family in need. With your help, we can make a positive impact on their lives. If you haven’t already given, give today!

One of the most important things you can do to help the foodbank is to become a member. You will receive regular updates on the activities of the group by joining it. You can even get involved in the fundraising event by joining the foodbank’s Facebook page. If you are a member of the board, you can also donate to the foodbank by registering on their site. You can also sign up for the monthly dinners.

7 Cares Idaho Shares
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