A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping With Budsy

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Vaping has been identified as being up to 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Millions of people worldwide use e-cigarettes as a satisfying alternative to smoking cigarettes.

There are several things that you should know before getting started with vaping. Whether you’re new to vaping or simply curious about it, MistHub has put together this beginner’s guide so that you can learn everything you need to know to get started.

What is a vape?

A vape is an e-cigarette that heats the liquid to create vapor. The vapor contains nicotine and flavorings, often added for personal preference.

The popularity of e-cigarettes has increased significantly in recent years, and about one in five high school students reported using e-cigarettes in 2020.

While many teens think they are harmless, the reality is that vaping can be dangerous. Nicotine is addictive and can harm the developing brain. It can cause memory, decision-making, concentration, and mood disorders.

Besides nicotine, most vape liquids also contain chemicals that can lead to cancer. These include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and other chemical compounds.

How do I vape?

Innovative dab rigs (and associated accessories), like budsy the first product designed for dry herbs. Developed to be as discreet as possible, this water pipe is disguised as a simple water bottle and allows you to smoke cannabis without any hassles or attention.

Designed to look like an everyday water bottle, budsy’s chassis draws inspiration from the design of a standard Nalgene. It promotes absolute discretion, making it a perfect travel companion for those wanting to keep smoking secrets.

The chassis reveals a ceramic bowl piece with a silicone tab that keeps it in place when unused. After twisting off the top cap, fill it with 420mL of water and stuff it with your chosen herb before lighting it up.

The straw and mouthpiece under the lid are connected to a diffuser downstem that conceals an inline percolator with numerous holes for advanced water filtration. Your large smoke bubbles are filtered out as they pass through the slits, creating a more pure and flavorful vapor.

What do I need to vape?

Budsy is the first dry herb vape, maker of the famous electronic dab rig. This brand aims to deliver the experience of luxury toking in a sleek, straightforward package that hides all your gear away in plain sight when you’re on the go.

Budsy’s chassis is cleverly designed to mimic a regular water bottle. This system promotes absolute discretion, allowing you to be discreet with your smoking wherever you go.

To use budsy, fill the bottle with 420mL of water and load your desired herb slide into the ceramic bowl. Then place the bowl in the ready spot towards the top edge of the bottle.

Budsy uses water filtration to filter out ash, tar and other impurities that may be inhaled through the glass. The water also instantly cools down your vapor, delivering a smoother and more flavorful draw.

How do I refill my vape?

The budsy is a water pipe cleverly disguised as a standard Nalgene bottle. The device is designed to be discreet for vaping while on the go.

The bottle is constructed from BPA-free Tritan, a plastic material that’s not only shatter-resistant but also tasteless and dishwasher-safe. The budsy also comes with a ceramic bowl, which is hidden in the top lid of the bottle and secured by an attached silicone tab to make it easier to handle.

The budsy also features a water-filtration system that filters out ash and tar, the most likely impurities in your herbs. It also features an inline perc for advanced vapor production and diffusion. The budsy is an excellent choice for on-the-go dry herb vaping. Whether taking your pick from the latest strains or enjoying a classic, the budsy is the perfect addition to your collection. It’s a must-have for every weed enthusiast!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping With Budsy

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