A Border Collie Shih Tzu Mix Is a Workaholic

The Border Collie is a workaholic and a true herder. While it can be energetic and bouncy, it will soon settle down for some quality cuddle time once its day of work is done. This medium-sized breed can be about 18 inches at the shoulder and is usually made of a soft, smooth coat in a variety of colors. The dog’s almond eyes are incredibly bright and intense, making it the perfect companion for the family.

For those looking for a playful, small dog, the Border Collie Shih Tzu is the perfect choice. However, it’s important to remember that this breed is not a lapdog and requires plenty of exercise to remain healthy. Although it may look like a lapdog, the Border Collie is actually one of the most popular mixed breeds in America. Its size, energy, and friendly nature make it an ideal companion for children, but it’s also a great companion for a family with children.

Like other Border Collies, the Border Collie requires regular exercise and mental stimulation. Their active lifestyle was originally designed to herd sheep. Border Collies are intelligent and love to exercise. If they don’t get enough exercise, they can outwit their owners. A border collie shih-tzu mix can be a great choice for busy people.

The Border Collie Shih Tzu mix is a sturdy breed with a double coat. This hybrid dog breed has a white or black coat with a gray or tan undercoat. Border Collie Shih Tzu mixes may inherit a lilac or silver coat. Regular brushing is necessary for this breed of dog to maintain its healthy coat.

Training Border Collie Shih Tzu mixes is relatively easy. Although these dogs may be stubborn and need firm handling, they respond well to positive reinforcement methods and are very easy to socialize. Although these dogs may require more exercise than their traditional counterparts, they need to spend at least an hour a day playing with each other and getting a good workout. A Shih Tzu owner should be aware of the unique personality of their new puppy.

You should do your research before you decide to get a border collie-shih tzu mix breed. There are several health risks in this breed combination. One of them is idiopathic epilepsy, which is a genetic condition in the Border collie. You should contact your veterinarian immediately if this happens. Hip dysplasia can cause arthritis and deafness in border collie Shih Tzu mixes.

Border collie shih-tzu mix are intelligent and quick learners. They are affectionate and respond well to training. They get along well with children and are generally good with other dogs. A Shih Tzu Border Collie mix needs to be socialized in order to get along with other pets. The breed has a good temperament and can be easily socialized. It is important to socialize your new friend as soon as possible.

A Border Collie Shih Tzu Mix Is a Workaholic
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