A Boxer and Husky Mix Is a Large, Devoted, and Active Dog

A boxer and husky mix is a great choice if you want a large, devoted, and active pet. This type of dog has been bred to be friendly with children and other animals. Boxers and Huskies do not typically show aggression, and they are both good with children. It is important to socialize your dog as soon as possible. A boxer and husky mix is a high-maintenance breed, and you should expect to spend a considerable amount of time training and playing with them.

Although the boxer-husky mix has an unofficial past, both boxer and Husky have long-established German roots. Originally, these dogs were used as hunting dogs and eventually became known as “Boxer-husky mix” or “Boxsky” in the United States. Their history dates back approximately 20 years. The Boxer Husky-Boxer mix has not been officially recognized by AKC. However, both parent breeds have a rich and long history.

Boxer-Husky cross dogs have short-to medium-length coats that can range from fawn-tan to fawn. They can have distinctive blue eyes or other facial markings. Boxer-Husky mixes can have a fawn, tan or white coat. They can even flash with white flashing. Their ears may be slightly erect or sloppy. Boxer-Husky cross dogs can have a prominent droopy appearance, which is not unlike the Husky.

The size of a Boxer-Husky mix will vary depending on genetic makeup, but they are usually large dogs with a strong build. They can reach 30 inches at their shoulders and weigh in at between thirty and fifty pounds. Some female Boxskies will weigh less than their male counterparts. Their bodies will vary depending upon their genetic makeup, but they are generally friendly and affectionate. And they can be difficult to train.

Boxer-Husky hybrids have the same friendly and loyal nature of a pure-bred Boxer and Husky. They are good family pets, but they can be stubborn and high-energy, making them challenging to train. Although Boxers are great dogs for families, some Boxer Husky mix dogs can be difficult to train and may require more exercise than their companions. The combined traits of these two types of dogs make them a great choice for families and active households.

A Boxer-Husky mix needs ample exercise. They need daily exercise and should be taken for walks at least twice a day. Because they derive their independence from their Husky parents, they should be kept on a leash. Boxers, unlike Husky breeds are not droolers or have odor problems. Boxers can be hyperactive so they require daily walks.

Some health problems are common among Boxer-Husky mixes. Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the ball and socket of a dog’s hip joint don’t develop properly. This condition can cause arthritis and lameness. This condition can be treated with physical therapy, joint supplements, as well as a healthy diet. Boxers and Husky mix dogs can develop cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy.

A Boxer and Husky Mix Is a Large, Devoted, and Active Dog
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