A Closer Look at Kens Tools Sculpting Tools

For over 100 years, Kens Tools has been providing high-quality sculpting tools to the world’s tire service professionals. The company was founded with a unique concept of the Pacific Rim Tool. Since then, the brand has changed many times, but its slogan ‘Where Tires Are Changed’ remains the same. This makes Kens Tools a valuable addition to any professional’s kit. Here’s a closer look at these sculpting tools and accessories.

Wrinkle Tool – This tool creates realistic wrinkles in a sculpture. Its two prongs are long enough to criss-cross a surface. The tool also features a handle for easy gripping. This makes it easy to add realistic wrinkles on sculptures. The PT3 is a versatile tool that is useful for creating Dash-type skin pores on sculptures. Its triangular shape makes it easy to apply a criss-cross pattern, which helps ensure an even surface.

The Wrinkle Tool is perfect for adding realistic wrinkles to a sculpture. Whether you’re sculpting a real person or a model, you can use this tool to add wrinkles to a sculpture. Its double prongs are made of thin wire and aren’t designed to dig hard surfaces. It’s a must to avoid breaking the tool. A broken rake can be easily repaired with epoxy putty.

Wrinkle Tool – This tool helps create realistic wrinkles on a sculpture. Its rounded tips can add a realistic touch to your model kit sculptures. You can use the PT3 to draw a Dash pattern on a surface. Its criss-cross blades are best for prosthetic sculpting. The PT3 is perfect for creating pores in your sculpting projects.

Wrinkle Tool – The PT3 is a great tool for sculpting models or sculpting. It’s a great tool to add realistic wrinkles to any surface. The PT3 has three prongs and two sides. Just lay the plastic wrap over the area that you want to texture. Then, use the PT3 to drag the plastic wrap across the surface to create the desired effect.

Wrinkle Tool – A Wrinkle tool is used for adding wrinkles to a sculpture. It has two prongs and is ideal for creating Dash-type pores on the surface of the model. Its curved tips are perfect for prosthetic sculpting. This tool is very fragile and should not be handled roughly. If it gets damaged or smashed, use epoxy putty to repair it.

Wrinkle tool – This tool is used to create wrinkles on a surface. It has two prongs on either side and can be moved across a surface with ease. When applied correctly, the tool adds realistic wrinkles to a sculpture. A plastic wrap can be glued onto the surface using the PT3 with glue. It can be used as a stencil and to decorate model kits. When you’re finished, you can place your model on the desired surface.

Wrinkle tool – This tool is designed for adding wrinkles to the surface of a sculpture. Its three-prong tip is perfect for adding a realistic wrinkle to a sculpture. Its double-sided plastic wrap can be laid over a sculpture, and dragged over the surface to add texture to the surface. This tool can be used repeatedly to create the desired effect. If you’re working on a model with thin wires, you can use the Itty Bitty Rake to add realistic wrinkling to your work.

Wrinkle tool – This tool is used to add wrinkles to a surface. The PT3 is a versatile tool, and comes with two prongs or three. Then, you can drag it across the surface of a sculpture with plastic wrap. Aside from a smooth surface, the PT3 also has a textured surface. You can use it as a sculpting tool by dragging it across the surface.

A Closer Look at Kens Tools Sculpting Tools
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