A Dachshund Boxer Mix Can Be a Great Family Pet

If you are considering acquiring a dachshund boxer mix for a new family pet, you’ll want to know all you can about this crossbreed. Though this mix is relatively healthy, it is still susceptible to certain conditions, including Intervertebral disc disease, Cardiomyopathy, and Degenerative myelopathy. These problems can cause pain, paralysis, and even death. Regular vet checks will prevent these problems from happening and will allow you to spot early warning signs.

The Boxer and Doxie components of this crossbreed are gentle with young children. The Doxie can be irritable and can become a bit nimble. They make great playmates for older children and teenagers. These dogs are adorable, but you need to consider their temperament and size before making any decision. A dachshund boxer can be a wonderful companion for your family.

Both the Boxer and Dachshund are intelligent and playful. They have the independence of the Boxer, but retain the stubborn nature of the Dachshund. They are also affectionate and protective of their family. This mix may not be the right choice for you if you aren’t a fan of children. This mix can be temperamental as a family dog. It’s best to train it early to prevent behavior problems, as they can be quite stubborn.

These dogs can weigh between 50 and 80 pounds, and are about 20 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder. Male Boxers can reach a maximum weight of 80 pounds and can stand up to 25 inches. For active households or those who enjoy playing sports, a Dachshund Boxer combination is a great choice. If you’re planning to get a Boxer, remember to consider physical training to help your puppy be a better dog.

A Boxer Dachshund mix is a wonderful family pet. Boxers are affectionate and protective of their families, while Dachshunds can be somewhat temperamental toward children, depending on training. They are loyal and loving, but they can be a bit temperamental towards children if they don’t know you well. The Dachshund Boxer mix is a great choice if you have a young family and don’t want to worry about training.

Boxers are intelligent, playful, and energetic dogs that require moderate exercise. They aren’t too active so they can be used for city life. Boxers suffer from separation anxiety and can be destructive if left alone. They are loyal to their families and make great companions. In addition to their loyalty, they’re affectionate and friendly toward children. You can expect your new boxer to be an excellent companion and a great friend to have around.

The Boxer dachshund mix is a friendly, affectionate dog that is playful and energetic. Although Boxers are often “in your face” and “shadow dogs”, they can be friendly and affectionate towards people and animals. They love to jump up on people and give sloppy, wet kisses. They are a great choice for families who love dogs that interact with people.

A Dachshund Boxer Mix Can Be a Great Family Pet
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