A Look at Brett Keisel’s Net Worth


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Brett Keisel, a former professional football player, had the support of his parents throughout his successful thirteen-year career. His mother and father, Susan and Bob Keisel have been there for their son from day one. From cheering him on in high school to watching him play for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL, they have never stopped believing in their son’s abilities.

His parents were right alongside Brett every step of the way providing unconditional love and support as he pursued his dream of playing in the NFL. Throughout his time with Pittsburgh, they attended every home game while often traveling to away games as well to cheer on their son.

Early life 

Brett Keisel, born in 1979 in Greybull, Wyoming, developed a passion for football early on. Growing up on his family’s ranch, he enjoyed the outdoors and often spent time hunting or fishing. He was also a standout athlete from an early age; this led him to attend nearby Greybull High School where he played both basketball and football. While there, he earned All-State honors as well as being named MVP of the state championship game during his senior year. After graduating high school in 1997, Brett attended Brigham Young University (BYU) to pursue his dream of playing college football.


Brett Keisel, the former NFL defensive end, is known for his excellence on and off the field. A native of Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Keisel graduated from Greyhounds High School in 1997. After high school graduation, he attended Brigham Young University (BYU) where he majored in recreation management and minored in Spanish. 

At BYU, Keisel was team captain of the Cougars football team and earned All-Mountain West Conference honors. He also excelled academically as a member of both the Dean’s List and Athletic Director’s Honor Roll during his collegiate years there. Upon graduating from BYU with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2001, Brett went on to pursue a professional career in football with the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Brett Keisel is a former NFL defensive end who achieved great success during his 14-year professional career. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2002 out of Brigham Young University, where he quickly established himself as an effective pass rusher and solid run defender. Throughout his time with the Steelers, Keisel earned two Super Bowl rings and was named to two Pro Bowls. His ability to pressure the quarterback and disrupt opponents’ running games made him one of the most feared defenders in the league.

Off the field, Keisel was beloved by fans for his energetic personality and philanthropic endeavors. A member of several charitable organizations, he supported causes such as prostate cancer awareness, and youth development programs, and authentically struggles with world initiatives. He also frequently visited schools across Pennsylvania to speak with students about healthy lifestyle choices and education opportunities.

Net worth 

Brett Keisel, an American football defensive end, has earned a net worth of $5 million from his 15-year NFL career. The former Steeler was born in Greybull, Wyoming, and attended the University of BYU where he played college football for four years. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers during the seventh round of the 2002 NFL Draft as part of their 50th-anniversary draft class.

Throughout his professional career with the Steelers, Keisel earned two Super Bowl rings as well as being selected for two Pro Bowls. His highest salary came in 2009 when he signed a 6-year contract worth a total of $20 million with more than half guaranteed. After being cut in 2014 due to age and injuries, Keisel retired from football but not without having left his mark on the league and earning himself a notable net worth.


Brett Keisel has been a beacon of light in his local community. He has worked hard to help those most in need for nearly two decades, starting in 2002 with the formation of his charity, Brett’s Lumberjack Fund. The fund provides financial assistance to numerous families facing difficult times, such as medical and housing expenses.

Since its inception, Brett’s Lumberjack Fund has made an immense impact on the lives of many individuals and families throughout western Pennsylvania. Through donations from fans, organizations, and businesses alike, Brett Keisel can provide support for those struggling financially or emotionally due to various issues like illness or natural disasters. As well as providing financial aid, the fund also hosts annual events such as bowling tournaments and golf outings that help spread awareness about the organization’s mission while raising money for its cause.

Social media 

Having an impressive Twitter account, it is no surprise that Brett Keisel has a big following on the social networking site. Apart from sharing his daily activities and photos, he has been credited to be a prolific poster on the site.


Brett Keisel, former NFL defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Super Bowl XLIII champion, is a popular name in Western Pennsylvania. The former Steeler has been married to his wife Sarah since July 2004. 

The two met while they were both students at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. After dating for three years, they decided to tie the knot in an outdoor ceremony among close family and friends on a summer day surrounded by beautiful mountains. Brett was 25 at the time of their marriage and Sarah was 22. 

Today, this couple is still going strong thanks to their commitment to each other over the past 15 years of marriage. The two are parents to two children – one son and one daughter – whom they love dearly.


Brett Keisel is a retired professional football player who made an impact on the sport during his 14-year career in the NFL. He played defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he earned multiple awards and accolades throughout his tenure. His hard work and dedication to playing football at a high level are recognized and celebrated by both fans and peers alike. 

At 6’5” and 285 lbs, Keisel had an intimidating presence on the field which easily translated into success. During his time with the Steelers, he recorded 522 tackles, 47 sacks, 22 passes defended, 6 forced fumbles, and 4 interceptions. For these accomplishments, he was named to two Pro Bowl teams in the 2007 – 2008 seasons. He also received second-team All-Pro honors from the Associated Press twice as well as being named Steelers MVP for three consecutive years from 2006 -2009.


In conclusion, Brett Keisel is a player who has left a lasting impact on the NFL. His exemplary career has encompassed all that it means to be an undeniable leader and a successful athlete. From his spectacular performances to his larger-than-life personality, he will forever be remembered as one of the greats.

A Look at Brett Keisel’s Net Worth

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