Adam Jordison

Adam Jordison

Slipknot first established itself in 1995 with their signature horror-movie masks and ultra-aggressive form of heavy metal music, and have become known for their aggressive style ever since. Joey Jordison left an indelible mark upon the genre with his drumming skills.

He was also an accomplished musician, songwriter, and producer, playing drums with bands Murderdolls and Scar the Martyr. Additionally, he owned Modern Legacy Productions as an avid hunting business.

Early Life and Education

Jordison was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa with two sisters. At eight years old he received his first drum kit and began performing with local bands. Additionally he enjoyed fishing and bowling; painting his own fishing lures before bowling at his family’s bowling alley.

Before joining Slipknot in 1995 as their drummer and co-founder, he played in several bands before eventually joining Slipknot as their co-founder in 1995 as their drummer and playing until their split up in 2013. Later he formed Murderdolls and Scar the Martyr.

Karen Vonceil (Crouse) Jordison passed away peacefully with her family by her side on December 2, 2021, having been raised by Melbourne and Ida Crouse. She leaves behind her husband, two sons and one granddaughter as her legacy.

Professional Career

Jordison co-founded metal titan Slipknot in 1995 and served as one of its primary songwriters while also playing drums for them. Under his stewardship, Slipknot propelled themselves to global music charts with double platinum albums such as 1999’s self titled debut, 2005’s All Hope is Gone and Iowa’s People = Shit!

His incredible drumming style combined a flawless and fiery technicality reminiscent of underground metal with neck-snapping hard rock grooves, stadium-ready anthemic expansiveness, earning him many accolades and landing him on the covers of Modern Drummer, Rhythm Magazine Metal Hammer Drum! and Terrorizer magazines.

He used a Pearl Joey Jordison signature snare drum as well as Paiste Rude series cymbals that provided bright, cutting tones to cut through Slipknot’s cataclysmic soundscape. Additionally, he participated in various side projects with talented musicians.

Achievement and Honors

Iowa native, Jon was known for being a drummer and guitarist in bands such as Slipknot and horror-punk band Murderdolls, film producer, painter, bowler and owning his family business, Bowlerama Lanes in Des Moines.

Jordison became one of the pioneers of what became known as nu-metal during Slipknot’s rise, helping the group chart several hit albums and gain a loyal fan base. However, in December 2013, he announced his departure.

Cherish Andrews and Stephen Song earned top honors at this year’s GPI Player of the Year awards, taking home both overall and Mid-Major prizes (for events with buy-ins of up to $2,500). Cheers of applause could be heard throughout PokerGO Studio as they accepted their trophies at their ceremony.

Personal Life

Adam Jordison had a deep love for hunting. A self-professed deer enthusiast, he often headed out onto the fields with his father to hunt. Adam was also an ardent supporter of Modern Legacy Productions and delighted to join them for Raised Hunting show.

Jordison also performed outside of Slipknot with Murderdolls guitarist Jeff Khoury and Scar the Martyr drummer Jason Sinsaenum drummer Jason Scarpaenum as well as touring with Megadeth, performing studio recordings with Marilyn Manson and Puscifer among many other projects.

Slipknot parted ways with Jordison due to “personal reasons.” Later he would reveal he suffered from transverse myelitis which left him without control of his legs; with treatment however he was able to regain his ability to walk again.

Net Worth

Sid Wilson is best known as TheDJStarscream for his turntablist work in acclaimed metal band Slipknot, as well as other notable artists in the music industry and solo music career.

Joey Jordison was an iconic heavy metal drummer renowned for leaving an indelible mark on the genre. Over his short lifespan, he found tremendous success as an artist and musician.

Murderdolls guitarist Rick, drums for Scar the Martyr, Sinsaenum, OTEP and Marilyn Manson drummer Franky Sinaenum and Marilyn Manson drummer Franky Sinaenum and many other bands and producers including Sinsaenum’s Sinsaenum as well as numerous awards in song writing/producing/hunting/fishing for numerous music artists including Sinsaenum’s Sinsaenum/OTEP’s Marilyn Manson among many more, was much loved by many individuals and many loved them dearly until his passing on March 17 2023 leaving behind father Rick; sister Macie as well as numerous nieces/ nephews/ surviving family members including his father Rick; sister Macie and nieces/ nephews/ nephews/

Adam Jordison
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