Adam Shryock

Adam Shryock, Architect Known For His Greek Revival Style

Adam Shryock of Colorado was previously jailed for running an ill-conceived breast cancer charity; now, he stands accused of misappropriating $1 Million worth of donated mattresses that were meant for refugees.

Boobies Rock was established by its founder to sell merchandise through promotional models placed into bars to generate awareness that their money would support breast cancer groups – but few actually did, according to prosecutors.

Early Life and Education

Begun his career designing and building residential homes in Lexington, Kentucky, Morrison Chapel at Transylvania University campus was also one of his designs; along with designing a doric temple. Morrison went on to design county courthouses as well as Frankfort’s Orlando Brown house among many others.

After the war, Shryock returned to Lexington and focused his architectural practice on large-scale residences that combined elements from Greek Revival small scale balance with John McMurtry’s ornate Tudor Gothic.

Castle Rock resident Robert Shryock was charged with defrauding cancer-charity donors across the country by selling Boobies Rock merchandise in bars, telling promotional models that most of the proceeds would go directly to legitimate breast cancer groups while using his funds instead to purchase himself a BMW, join an online dating service, pay bar tabs and hire maids.

Professional Career

Shryock pursued his professional fishing career by fishing tournaments throughout the US. Starting out fishing collegiate-level events before moving onto tour level competitions.

Pro-motorcross racing was initially his goal, but after injuries prevented that from happening he decided to pursue fishing as an alternate path towards financial security.

Shyrock used his 21 months as the administrator of Boobies Rock to hire promotional models who visited bars selling T-shirts, koozies and bracelets emblazoned with offensive slogans such as “I Heart Motorboarding!” or “Boobies Rock!”.

Shyrock told patrons that profits would be donated to breast cancer charities, according to the Attorney General’s office, yet none of that money made its way there instead landing in Shyrock’s pockets and going toward online dating services and hiring a maid service provider. As part of his punishment from the IRS he must now pay $430,970; using some of that cash he indulged himself by buying himself a BMW, dating services and maid services as well as some cash spent on personal purchases for himself and others. He must now pay $430970 back over to them and pay $430970 plus interest over 12 months from December 2017-18 when his profits would have gone towards supporting charitable organizations rather than charities as promised by him and patrons alike. The Attorney General’s office allege this money never arrived to charity, rather it ended up in his pockets instead, according to them and they have ordered him pay $430970 back to them (ie) pocketbooks by using some of it to purchase online-dating services and even hiring maid services and hiring maid services along with maid services at least).

Achievement and Honors

Shryock was an esteemed architect renowned for the Greek influence he brought to most of his notable public buildings – Morrison Hall at Transylvania College being completed first, in 1836.

Shryock became well-known for his design of Kentucky Statehouse. After designing its original building, he went on to complete various other projects – such as Indiana Statehouse.

Shryock was sentenced to two years in jail in 2022 for his involvement in a fraudulent cancer charity scheme through his company Boobies Rock. Customers paid money through Boobies Rock without ever reaching breast cancer groups, according to Denver attorney general’s office records.

Shryock used his funds instead to purchase himself a BMW, subscribe to online dating services, pay bar tabs and maid service bills, as well as accruing $430,970 of debt with the IRS.

Personal Life

Gideon Shryock is best-known for designing the Old State House in Little Rock and may have also created two other structures there according to the Historic American Buildings Survey, both constructed using popular Greek Revival architectural style at that time.

Shryock seems to be living an elegant, luxurious life outside the Rockies. He has shared multiple pictures on social media posing in front of his silver BMW and cozying up to women at bars.

Prosecutors allege that Shyrock illegally pocketed proceeds from Boobies Rock merchandise while sending only small donations to legitimate breast cancer charities. Based on income earned operating Boobies Rock and other businesses as well as earnings from sources including unreported 2010 income earned while living in California, Shryock now owes $430,970 to the IRS.

Net Worth

Adam Shryock amassed a fortune through designing some of Arkansas’s most iconic structures, such as Old State House and Curran Hall. His preferred style of Greek architecture enabled him to attain millionaire status.

He was also responsible for several buildings in Little Rock, such as Archibald McHenry House and Morrison Hall at Transylvania College – considered examples of Greek Revival architecture.

Shryock allegedly joined forces with Ecumenical Refugee and Immigration Services employee Christina Cruz to sell donated mattresses intended for refugees, according to an arrest affidavit.

Shryock created Boobies Rock Awareness for Breast Cancer as a for-profit business in 2011, hiring promotional models to travel around and collect donations at bars by selling T-shirts, beer koozies, and bracelets with pink breast cancer awareness slogans.

Adam Shryock
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