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Why Majoring in the Humanities is a Good Idea

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is proudly marking its 50th year with an eventful year-long anniversary celebration. Over five decades, this agency has invested $5.3 billion into academic and public-square projects at universities, museums, historic sites, cultural organizations as well as radio, television and film projects across all 50 states.

Under Adams’s direction, NEH has also undertaken programs that emphasize the significance of linking humanities studies with contemporary issues, including programs empowering veterans to share their own words and voices; training graduate students for deep citizenship (which goes beyond voting); and encouraging undergraduates to pursue studies of humanities at graduate level.

Early Life and Education

Henry Adams was born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts by Charles Francis Adams who served as America’s Minister to England during the American Civil War.

Abigail Adams was an ideal mother; her views about Louisa (Johnson) as a possible bride-to-be for John Quincy despite disapproval were an important influence on Adams’s political thinking.

Adams attended Harvard when living in Boston and studied ancient history and trade. This enabled him to appreciate how the world is connected through trading routes, which eventually inspired an essay entitled “Trade and Culture.”

Professional Career

No matter whether your degree lies within the humanities or social sciences, your coursework will include topics that explore and celebrate diversity of human culture. Furthermore, you will develop effective communication techniques and critical thinking abilities through coursework assignments.

An undergraduate degree in humanities can open doors to many potential career paths in education, business, media and communications, social services and beyond. You could even gain certifications that help develop and further advance your professional experience.

Humanities majors possess the skills needed to become content strategists who create compelling editorial and marketing material for companies. On average, these in-demand professionals typically earn around $87,000 annually.

Achievement and Honors

Humanities majors offer one of the most challenging educational experiences. A degree in humanities prepares students for graduate school studies, entering business world and ministry careers among many other possibilities.

The two-year Honors Program offers an engaging and supportive community for students who seek to challenge themselves with the rigors of humanities study. Through small seminars, individual faculty attention, and peer support systems, this student cohort has an unparalleled chance at shaping its future development.

The senior year is the culmination of this program, when students engage in independent research projects with guidance from faculty mentors. Our three-quarter workshop-based seminar sequence offers consistent support in research and writing of senior theses.

Personal Life

Researchers have proven that having strong personal relationships can contribute to leading a more fulfilling life, including relieving stress, lowering cortisol levels and providing social support networks.

Studies have demonstrated the immense value of having an effective social support network – one which can extend lifespan up to 10 years and improve mental health, decreasing chances of serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The John Adams Papers comprise an archive of John’s publications and research, his time spent as professor, department chair and University Archivist at Michigan and San Diego State College respectively, book reviews in San Diego Union as book reviewer as well as limited parts of his personal life. These collections hold some of the most illuminating documents created by humanities scholars over time.

adams humanities

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