adidas Boston 11 Review

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The adidas Boston 11 is a new running shoe from the German sportswear giant. The shoe features a two-layer midsole made of Lightstrike Pro and EVA foam, as well as anatomically shaped carbon Energyrods. The shoe’s upper is made of 50% recycled polyester and is extremely lightweight. The shoe’s cushioning is a key feature, and it features a wide, open-mesh design.

The shoe is lighter but has a higher heel stack. The shoe is also $20 more expensive than the previous generation, the Boston 9. The upper looks like a Frankenstein creation with its chunky Adios Pro midsole and a few extra panels. The shoe is lightweight, comfortable, and provides a smooth ride. Unless you plan on racing in it for the rest of your life, though, it’s a great running shoe.

If you’re a long-distance runner, you’ll appreciate the lightweight construction of the Adidas Adizero Boston. The shoe’s breathable mesh upper makes it comfortable to run in. The midsole cushions your muscles and helps you to run more efficiently. These shoes are ideal for marathon runners and are designed for marathon runners. There are many color options, including bright colors.

adidas Boston 11 Review
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