Adopt a Collie From Tri State Collie Rescue

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Tri State Collie Rescue provides veterinary treatment to collies who are in dire need. Collies at TSCR receive annual checkups, updated shots, microchip, spaying/neutering, and more. Learn more about adopting a collie from TSCR. All dogs adopted through TSCR will go up for adoption once they have had all the necessary medical care. You will be responsible for paying the adoption fee, which varies based on age, health, and chronic disease.

Initially, TSCR focused its efforts on Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. TSCR is now working with other rescues for collie dogs in neighboring states like Tennessee and West Virginia. Every rescue organization must deal with suffering. However, the team at Tri State Collie Rescue strives to transform a dog’s suffering into a lifetime full of love. TSCR recently rescued nine collies from a Tennessee breeder. The dogs were suffering from parvo.

Adopt a Collie From Tri State Collie Rescue
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