What Are the Advantages of Transcription Services?

Transcription Services

Did you know that it takes organizations 191 days on average to identify data breaches? By the time the breach is identified, it may be too late.

Because cybercrime is on the rise, industries are doing whatever they can to protect their information. One less known way to protect valuable recordings and videos is through transcription services.

Read on to learn more.

What Is Transcription?

Before we get into the benefits of transcription services, it is important to answer the question, ‘”what is transcription?”

Transcription is a written record of a verbal statement made through recordings or videos.

Many opt to hire transcription services instead of handling recordings on their own. This can help reduce human error that is bound to happen every so often.

When you use transcription services, you can reap these benefits:


One of the main transcription benefits is that experts are hired as part of the service. These experts have experience in different industries and know the terms that relate to those industries.

In contrast, if you have someone from the office transcribe something for you, they may not have the proper knowledge. This can lead to a misunderstanding in the transcribe or even misspelling.

Saves Time

Another one of the benefits of transcription services is that they can save your employees additional time. For experts, it can take around an hour to transcribe a 15-minute recording.

Imagine an amateur trying to transcribe the same recording. If an expert takes a while to complete it, chances are, a random employee will take longer.

Experts may take additional time to complete a transcribe if there are noises in the back, muffled speakers, or someone with a heavy accent is speaking. Yet, you will still save time by ensuring it gets done correctly on the first go.

Keeps Recordings Alive

Medical transcription services are especially important as having a transcription of something keeps a recording alive. If a video or recording is accidentally deleted, a transcript will come in handy.

We understand how tricky technology can be. It only takes one click of a button to get rid of something forever.


We’ve touched on this in the above points, but accuracy is important. The best transcription services will ensure accuracy every time.

Transcription companies have the time and patience it takes to correctly transcribe something even when a recording has issues. When the wrong phrases and words are written into a transcript by an amateur, problems down the line may occur.

Transcription services do their job daily. They have the skills and training necessary to accurately complete any job they are given.

Do You Need Transcription Services?

The truth is, anyone can benefit from hiring transcription services. Even with the best backup plans in place for recordings and videos, accidents and cybercrimes do happen.

Don’t be left without an important recording because you didn’t have someone transcribe it for you. Hire these professional services to reap the above advantages today!

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What Are the Advantages of Transcription Services?

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