Airtable Project Management Vs Miro Project Management – How To Make A Choice?

Airtable Project Management Vs Miro Project Management

A growing business needs to digitally transform in this day and age to cater to their clients. One of the key components of a digital arsenal is project management solutions. These are software that can help users keep track of all their tasks, and plan the future ones in a way that maximizes efficiency. However, it is important to choose a platform that has the features to support the organization and its existing workflows. This comparison of Airtable project management vs Miro project management is supposed to help differentiate two important collaboration solutions in an attempt to make the decision easier for prospective buyers.


Airtable is a cloud-based project management software that helps small to mid-sized businesses elevate their performance. It can be used by all departments and promotes cross-functional collaboration. The system is focused on organizing data and it is mostly used to streamline communication. It mostly uses a format similar to spreadsheets to organize data. Relevant ideas can be linked to make it easier for companies to make sense of the tasks.

The software can combine contact information of vendors with inventory items to make procurement much easier. Airtable software is compatible with all desktop, laptop and iOS devices. It represents data in the form of a task card that can be tapped to view all the details. Users can even add files, share data, or tables from their smart phones. Airtable is able to integrate with many third-party solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote to increase functionality.

The tables included in Airtable can help users share changes they make to any document in real-time. One difference between Airtable project management vs Miro project management is that Airtable includes a chatting tool through which team members can always stay connected with each other. They can get instant answers to anything they need while working on a table. Airtable has been around since 2012 and it is available to users worldwide. The software charges customers on a per user per month basis but the mobile app is only available for iOS devices. 


Pricing is an important aspect to discuss in the Airtable project management vs Miro project management debate. There is a free version available which allows users to add up to 1,200 records per database. There is 2GB storage space included and 2 weeks of data log history is saved for users. Customers can upgrade to the plus plan for $12 per user per month and get 50,000 records per database, 20 GB storage space, and 1 year of revision or snapshot history.

They offer an enterprise version too but it is custom-built according to the organization and quotations are only available upon request. Airtable top project management software offers special plans to non-profit and education organizations and they should make use of their offers. 


  • Powerful tools for creating spreadsheet-like tables and customizing them according to the needs of the organization.
  • Built-in features make it easier to plan, record, and organize projects.


  • The deleted words are still visible with strike-through and sometimes that can make it difficult to read.
  • There is a learning curve and the program can be overwhelming for new users. 


Miro is a cloud-based digital collaboration software used by small to medium-sized businesses. The solution has a complete digital whiteboard that can be used to build ideas, conduct research and complete customer journeys. It can be used to map out or wireframe a project by collectively contributing to the discussion. Miro software makes it easier to organize activities for the entire team even if some of the members are working remotely.

The most attractive feature for the application is a whiteboard along with its toolkit that makes it easier for users to create mockups, share schemes, and write down all their ideas. They can edit it in real-time which makes it perfect for brainstorming. All boards are used to pre-load templates and they can be converted into a presentation or PDF file with the click of a button. Miro includes integrated libraries for icons, wireframes, and other types of content. 

Users can choose to upload their files directly to the cloud. They can also share images, documents, and other types of media from their computer or cloud-based storage solution like Google Drive. It is an all-in-one package for a hybrid of remote working environment because of its real-time digital boards that are accessible to all users.


The key difference between Airtable project management vs Miro project management is that Miro has a different pricing structure. It also has a free version which offers 3 editable boards, privacy options, and access granted to unlimited external guests for commenting or viewing. The customers can upgrade to a premium plan which starts at $8 per user on the annual billing method and $10 per user for the monthly payment plan. It includes advanced features for attention management, customized templates, single sign-on services, and integration with the most popular third-party software.

Custom pricing is available for the enterprise version and users can request a special quote from the vendor.


  • The interface is clean and it has everything arranged in an intuitive manner
  • Miro software can integrate with other solutions to increase collaboration
  • Users can customize the space however they want.


  • It is difficult to use for some people because of the way the font and color are arranged
  • There is no lock for the frames or stickers which means it can easily be disturbed
  • The copy-pasting action takes a long time for images.


Summing up the Airtable project management vs Miro project management debate, it is safe to say that both platforms are highly rated. Miro is better for teams with remote workers because of its digital collaboration options. Airtable is known for its customer service and easy to use interface. The business should make their choice depending on their budget, must-have features, and reviews from companies with similar structures.

Airtable Project Management Vs Miro Project Management – How To Make A Choice?

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