Ali Wong’s Bio, Lifestyle, and Net Worth


If you are looking for the latest information on Ali Wong’s bio, lifestyle, and net worth, you’ve come to the right place. Ali Wong is a comedian and actress from the United States. Her career has earned her millions of dollars. In addition to her stand-up comedy work, she is also an accomplished actress. Read on more to know about her.


Born to two hard-working immigrant parents, Ali’s success can be attributed to her inspiring upbringing. Her father Adolphus, an electrical engineer from Vietnam, was incredibly supportive of his daughter’s career aspirations. He encouraged her to pursue stand-up comedy and always believed in her talent. 

Her mother Tam, a chemist from China, also had faith in Ali’s ability to make it as an entertainer and would often suggest different premises for jokes or new characters for Ali to develop. These two highly motivated immigrants instilled in their daughter an intense work ethic which she has carried with her throughout her career.

Ali Wong is an American comedian, writer, and actress who has become beloved for her hilarious stand-up routines and wit. Her rise to fame started with a heartwarming story of rising from humble beginnings.

Early life

Born in San Francisco in 1982, Wong grew up as the daughter of two Vietnamese immigrants who both worked hard to provide for their families. Growing up on the east side of San Francisco, Ali was exposed to a diverse array of cultures which informed her comedic sensibilities from early on. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Asian American Studies before pursuing a career in entertainment. 

Wong’s big break came shortly after she gave birth to her first daughter when her Netflix special Baby Cobra launched her into stardom overnight.


Born and raised in San Francisco, Ali attended the University of California to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Asian American studies. While studying at UC Berkeley, she immersed herself in the entertainment industry by writing short sketches and performing stand-up comedy at local venues. 


Acclaimed stand-up comedian and actor Ali Wong has had an impressive career since bursting onto the scene in 2012. She is best known for her unique brand of comedy that blends elements of feminism, race, and motherhood into her act. Her first Netflix special “Baby Cobra” instantly catapulted her to stardom and became the streaming service’s most-watched comedy special at the time of its release. 

Since then, she has gone on to star in films like “Always Be My Maybe” alongside fellow comedians Randall Park and Keanu Reeves as well as appearing on TV shows like HBO’s comedy series “Crashing”.

Ali Wong is an American comedian and writer who is also a voice actress. She has appeared on several TV shows, including the popular Fresh off the Boat series. In addition to acting, Wong has produced several Netflix comedy specials. She has appeared on television shows such as American Housewife, Chelsea Lately, and Hey Girl.

Net worth

As of 2023, Ali Wong’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. This figure was solidified after the release of her two Netflix Original specials Baby Cobra in 2016 and Hard Knock Wife in 2018; both achieved critical acclaim. Apart from these specials, she also released a book titled Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life which has been featured on The New York Times Bestseller list twice! Additionally, she starred alongside Randall Park in the romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe which premiered on Netflix.

Social media

Ali Wong has been a force in the comedic landscape for years, known as one of the most hilariously talented comedians and writers. Her hilarious stand-up routines and impressive filmography have made her beloved by many fans around the world. As an incredibly active creator in today’s social media age, Wong has managed to utilize platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to engage with her dedicated fan base. 

The comedian is active across multiple social media accounts, with her Twitter account having over 1 million followers. On this platform, she frequently shares some of her best jokes along with behind-the-scenes content from upcoming projects she’s working on. On Instagram, she continues to post content related to her career and personal life including pictures of her family or promotional materials for new projects.


Wong married Justin Hakuta in 2014 after having been together for over nine years. They first met at Stanford University where both were attending school at the same time. While their relationship is mostly kept private from public view, Hakuta has occasionally made cameos on social media posts since Wong’s rise to fame. 


Ali Wong welcomed her first daughter Mari with her husband Justin Hakuta in 2015. Just three years later, the couple welcomed their second daughter Nikki in 2018. Although Ali is known for making lighthearted jokes about motherhood on stage and screen, she takes motherhood very seriously offstage as well. She often posts pictures of her daughters on social media with cute captions that capture the love between them all perfectly. 


Ali Wong is an award-winning stand-up comedian and writer. Her comedy special, Baby Cobra, has won several awards throughout her career. In 2017, the American Comedy Awards named Baby Cobra the Best Stand-Up Special of the Year. Later that year, Ali Wong was also honored with a Gracie Award for Outstanding Female Rising Star in a Comedy Series for her show on Netflix. 

In addition to these awards, Ali Wong has been nominated for various other accolades. She was up for an Emmy Award in 2020 as part of the writing team on Bill Nye Saves The World and was nominated for two Critics’ Choice Television Awards in 2018 – one each for Best Actress in a Comedy Series and Top Comedic Performance by an Actress both earned from Fresh Off the Boat.


In conclusion, Ali Wong has made an incredible name for herself in the comedic world and continues to be a role model for many aspiring comedians. Her ability to draw inspiration from her life experiences and blend them with comedy is what makes her stand out more than any other comedian. She has achieved success through hard work, determination, and a unique style of humor that engages people on a deeper level. It’s no wonder why she’s become one of the most iconic female comedians in recent history.

Ali Wong’s Bio, Lifestyle, and Net Worth

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