ALJA Donations to New Dawn Liberia

The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas donated recently a laptop and micro-recorder to the New Dawn Newspaper. The organization is currently organizing training sessions for local journalists and has already donated several other tools to the newspaper. This plan is still in place. In addition, the ALJA has made donations to media houses in Liberia, including a new car for a correspondent in Maryland County.

The president of Liberia expressed her sadness over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who had been the longest-serving monarch in the United Kingdom. According to reports, the Queen died peacefully on Thursday. The government has named David Akoi Assistant Minister for Public Affairs at MOFA. Gongloe’s campaign promises free compulsory education, health care, roads, and food security, among other things.

Liberia is facing mass poverty and high unemployment, and there has been widespread corruption that has undermined public trust in the government. It has also contributed to political disorder and increased crime. Many former and current government officials have benefited from corruption to enrich themselves at the expense of the people. Corruption has also weakened democracy and formal processes. This country’s government was dominated by corrupt elites until recently.

For too long, President Weah has misled Liberia and his government has failed in its duty to investigate reports of corruption and abuses of human rights. Many Liberians are now starving and many schools lack teachers and learning tools. Many young people are unemployed and teachers are grossly underpaid. The United States has already announced sanctions against Weah’s government, but the results have not been made public.

The National Elections Commission has referred Unity Party to the Supreme Court to decide whether to block a candidate for a Lofa County senatorial seat. Although it is not clear if such an agreement would be constitutional, that is a question for the Supreme Court of Liberia. The case has the potential to affect the election process and the country’s future. This case is a good example of how political parties can interfere with the democratic process.

Liberia is a country located in western Africa. The Atlantic Ocean borders it on the northwest and the North Atlantic Ocean to the southwest. The country is tropically influenced by the country’s location between latitudes 4-9 degrees N. However, environmental protection and sustainable use are top priorities. To develop the economy, the government promotes the mining sector.

ALJA Donations to New Dawn Liberia
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