ALM Busy Circuits MCF x2

The ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe is a full-featured 84HP modular system that includes a digital VCO, 8-channel sampler, analog multimode filter, quad VCA/mixer, and Milton module for use with modular instruments. Other features include a headphone output and HPO clock divider. The MCF is available in a variety of configurations. ALM Busy Circuits has been in the business of enabling musicians to build bespoke synthesis instruments since 1989.

The MCF x2 module is a new version of the popular MCF analog filter module from ALM Busy Circuits. This new version has dual analog filters, tons of control, and CV inputs. It has a switchable band pass/notch filter and three outputs at once. It is ideal for producers who want to create synchronisation between multiple synths. The MCF x2 is an excellent choice for synthesis, guitar, or drum production, and it will fit perfectly into any setup.

The MCF x2 has an intuitive interface and versatile controls. It can be configured to drive the Coupe like a traditional synth or externally trigger and sequence. It has dual analog filters, CV inputs, routing capabilities, and eight triggers. The ALM Megaslope is also versatile, allowing you to control the envelope with a multi-layer MIDI bus. The Quaid Megaslope is an analog five-stage envelope with five-stage filtering. The kick can be anchored using EOC or EOS to keep the beat.

Whether you’re looking for a reverb, chorus, or delay, the MCF is the perfect instrument for a digital synthesizer. Its advanced circuit designs provide a more detailed timbre than classic modules. ALM’s MCF x2 is a great example of this, with dual analog filters, CV inputs, routing capabilities, and three outputs. In addition to its powerful features, the MCF x2 offers a high degree of flexibility and versatility.

The MCF is a versatile and flexible instrument with multiple functions. It can be set up as an envelope in Envelope mode, or as a VCA. Its intelligent circuit designs provide deeper timbre and tone than classic modules. ALM Busy Circuits has also released the MCF x2 Module. The MCF x2 is a dual analog filter with CV inputs and routing capabilities. Its switchable band pass/notch filter makes it an excellent instrument.

The MCF x2 is a multi-purpose module that features dual analog filters and tons of control. It is one of the most popular Eurorack modules and is ideal for mixing with other instruments. It can be set in any Envelope mode and is versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of music. However, it is also capable of routing and can be used as a five-stage envelope. Its MMX is an extremely useful pedal for any digital synthesizer.

The MCF x2 is the ALM Busy Circuits’ most versatile module, combining dual analog filters with tons of control. It also has CV inputs and routing capabilities and a switchable band pass/notch filter. Its five-stage analog filter is a highly versatile and useful instrument. If you want to get started with ALM modules, be sure to check out their website. They are one of the best places to find a great synthesis instrument.

The ALM MCF x2 Module is an incredibly flexible, easy-to-use, and versatile module. Its programmable circuits can be used as a traditional synth, a MIDI controller, or both. The ALM Megaslope can also be used for external triggering and sequencing. It can be used as an envelope, a VCA, or as a five-stage EQ. The Quaid Megaslope can be used as an EOC or an SOS and is particularly well suited to synchronisation.

The MCF x2 is an intuitive and fun module from ALM Busy Circuits. Its flexible circuits are very flexible and intuitive to use. The MCF x2 can be set in bi- or uni-polar output. It can function as an envelope and a VCA. The Quaid Megaslope can be set up to be a five-stage EQ. The MCF x2 can also work as a five-stage EQ.

The ALM System Coupe is a modular system comprised of a powered case and a special edition of ALM modules. It features a grey panel with white screens and blue knobs. It comes with an Squid Salmple, a versatile polyphonic sampler that can be used as a percussive voice, a CV sequencer, and a super controlled delay. There are other ALM modules in the ALM System Coupe that can be used as a CV sequencer.

ALM Busy Circuits MCF x2
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