American Bully For Sale in Ohio

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When you’re looking for an American Bully for sale in Ohio, you’ll want to make sure you find the right breed for you. Although this breed was created in 1980s, it is UKC-recognized. However, it is a hybrid that has ancestry from several dog breeds. American Bullies make great companion dogs for families. While they are not particularly active and do need a decent amount of exercise, they are very mellow with children and are gentle with strangers. They will be your faithful family companion.

You can choose from four different types of American Bully. Each type is called differently and may vary in size. Pockets are the smallest types, while Standards are medium-sized dogs. XLs are the largest type. These breeds are all very similar, however they differ in size and color. American Bullies can also come in different litters. This is important if you’re planning to take one home.

American Bully For Sale in Ohio
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