Animal Crossing New Leaf Cosplay

Animal Crossing: New Leaf features the alpaca couple, Reese and Cyrus. They own a shop called Re-Tail, and they are trying to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Throughout the game, they will ask you to help them with tasks, such as collecting waste and repairing their house. When you complete these tasks, you will be rewarded with Heart Crystals, which you can use to purchase furniture and other items.

Cyrus is a skilled builder who enjoys refurbishing furniture. Cyrus can be a bit aggressive and tells other men not to mess with his wife. Cyrus is funny and uses his catchphrase “squirt”, to make people laugh.

Reese and Cyrus are married and share a house in New Leaf. Their RVs have the same theme, even though their house doesn’t emit smoke plumes. Cyrus and Reese are the perfect match – they share a house, but have different color schemes. They also share the same pet dog, Grizzly, and a dog named Jack.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a popular video game. People have started to cosplay their favorite characters using the characters in it. For events such as Comic Con and Halloween, people often dress up as their favorite characters. Animal Crossing characters are more well-known than other characters and many fans dress up as their favorite characters all year.

Harv’s Island is also planned for the couple. They will have the chance to meet other fans while on the island. For the whole month of June, Cyrus and Reese are expected to be on the island.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Cosplay
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