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AnnenMayKantereit is a German rock band from Cologne, founded in 2011. They mostly sing in German, but sometimes publish cover songs in English. What is remarkable about the band is the pronounced rough voice of the singer Henning May. How rich is AnnenMayKantereit?

Rock band. AnnenMayKantereit was founded in Cologne, Germany. AnnenMayKantereit fortune is estimated at around 1.5 million euros. The three founding members, whose family names together make up the band name, founded a band in 2011 during their school days at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Sülz. At first the three, Annen, May and Kantereit, appeared as street musicians in Cologne. On January 8, 2019, BMG Rights Management announced that they had signed a worldwide publishing contract with the band.

Members: Henning May, Christopher Annen, Severin Kantereit, Malte Huck, Lars Lötgering
Nationality: German
His career began: 2011
Record label: Vertigo Berlin.

What is the net worth of AnnenMayKantereit?
AnnenMayKantereit’s assets are currently € 1.5 million.

Music genres: Skirt.
Debut album: AMK (2013).
Is also often searched for: Milky Chance, From Because of Lisbeth, Giant Rooks, Juju.

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AnnenMayKantereit fortune

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