Apple Unveils Macbook on Its Own Processor

Apple Unveils Macbook on Its Own Processor

On November 10, Apple unveiled new devices and technologies, where it unveiled new laptops on its processor and an updated MacOS Big Sur. Apple has proven that its technology is ahead of the planet. We tell you more about updates and new products.

Apple’s Mac branded chip.

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We have previously reported that Apple will release new MacBooks on branded CHIPS with ARM architecture. The company presented the first such laptops at the presentation of 10.11.2020. The branded processor was named M1, it is made on the 5-nm soC process, with 16 billion transistors. That is, the M1 is not a chip, but a system on a chip, which includes a processor, graphics, RAM, and controller.

The processor includes eight cores (four high-performance and four energy-efficient). The graphics are also 8-nuclear, its capacity is 2.6 Teraflops. According to manufacturers, the M1 is the fastest chip in the world. Of course, the processor is paired with the Neural Engine machine learning system, which can handle 11 trillion operations per second. The M1 consumes four times less charge than the x86 (Intel architecture). The security of the devices has been improved with the M1.

The entire line of new processors will be called Apple Silicon.

macOS Big Sur

Apple noted that everything we love so much in macOS had gotten even better. And we believe them. Appeared:

  • New icons
  • New apps
  • Increased speed
  • optimized energy consumption.

To fully unlock the capabilities of the proprietary chip, optimized and the system macOS Big Sur, now it works even faster. What’s most interesting is that with the new fragment, you can run all the apps that are on iOS. Apple has created a single system for all applications; now, you don’t need to use different platforms to play your favorite programs. All applications are optimized for ARM architecture and have become versatile. That is, everything that has ever been recorded for iPhone and iPad is now launched on the Mac.

Now the Mac “wakes up” as fast as the iPhone or iPad – the presentation demonstrated it. Also, with the new chip, the Apple Safari browser becomes the fastest in the world, and any applications on macOS open instantly. Mac even starts games that are available on iOS, with the computer running quietly and twice as long as the previous one.

What about apps that were developed for the x86 (Intel) architecture? They will also work thanks to the application emulator. But the user won’t even realize that the emulator is activated. Everything will be easy, simple and without unnecessary action. Users will be able to go to macOS Big Sur on November 12. Don’t forget to make a backup before upgrading.

The first on the M1 is the MacBook Air.

The design of the novelty has remained the same, the critical change is the M1 processor, which turns the MacBook Air 2020 into unnecessary, as the wonder on the M1 chip surpasses it in everything. What exactly? New Air is 3.5 times faster than its predecessor, and the graphics component has improved five times! There is still no active cooling, but the SSD has accelerated. The new Air is available in several versions: 8 or 16GB of RAM and 256/512GB or 1/2TB SSD.

Promised battery life is up to 15 hours in video viewing (it was 11 hours).

Mac mini with M1 chipset

After the presentation of the updated Air Apple, they introduced the Mac mini. The design remained the same: the same silver box with two USB-A ports, two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet and a 3.5-millimeter connector. 8 or 16GB of RAM is offered for the buyer’s choice; the SSD is 256/512 GB or 1/2TB.

With the M1 chip, performance tripled, and the graphics improved six-fold. Machine learning algorithms work 15 times faster. Energy efficiency increased by 60%.

MacBook Pro: now running 20 hours without recharging

The most exciting update of the evening was the MacBook Pro 13. The Kupertinians compared its performance with laptops on Intel (did not specify with which ones) and noted that the novelty is 2.8 times faster, and the graphics are five times better. This allows you to edit 8K videos in ProRes format at DaVinci Resolve. Ram capacity will be 8 or 16GB and the power of the SSD storage:

  • 256/512 GB
  • 1/2 TB.

But the most exciting thing is autonomy. Now, instead of the usual 11 hours, the laptop works for up to 20 hours in video playback mode. Impressive, isn’t it? The package includes a 61-watt power adapter.

Customers have a version with two Type-C ports; they support Thunderbolt/ USB 4 with the ability to connect Apple Pro Display XDR in 6K.

It was the most powerful and exciting presentation of Apple 2020. The company has moved its devices to one platform, creating a full-fledged System Apple, which has no analogs in the world. At the same time, with the release of the M1, productivity and energy efficiency have enormously increased – such indicators were not with Intel chips. It remains to wait for the start of sales to test the new products.

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Apple Unveils Macbook on Its Own Processor

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