Are You Paying Too Much for Your Car Insurance?

Car Insurance

If you have found yourself wondering about the cost of your comprehensive car insurance, it is possible you are paying too much. And it is time to do something about that! After all, cutting down on unnecessarily high monthly costs can make a big difference to your overall savings.

So, alongside takeaway dinners, streaming subscriptions, little-used gym memberships, and more, you should definitely explore the cost of your insurance. Before you can figure out if you are paying over the odds, you have to know what determines the premium. Only then can you start making changes to get the best car insurance for less, turning your current policy into highly effective but cheap car insurance.

Factors that affect the price of car insurance

Of course, one major factor is what type of car insurance you have. Comprehensive car insurance offers a lot more protection, though is more expensive. If you want really cheap car insurance, you might look at third-party property damage insurance or third-party fire and theft insurance instead.

However, comprehensive car insurance is recommended if you can’t afford to replace or repair your vehicle if it is accidentally damaged.

There are quite a few variables that decide how much (or how little!) you pay in car insurance premiums, including, but not limited to:

  • Where you live and work
  • How your car is garaged
  • What type of car you drive
  • Your excess
  • Your driving history
  • Your age
  • Your claim history

Each insurance provider weights these factors differently and will use them to decide how likely you are to need to claim, and how big your claim is likely to be. If you are considered high risk, your premiums will be more expensive. You should check out sr22 insurance vermont and other states to see what the requirements are for high-risk motorists and how this would affect your car insurance.

Knowing this, if you think you are paying too much…how do you get cheap car insurance?

How to get cheaper car insurance

The first thing to do is shop around and get quotes from different providers.

Once you’ve found the best car insurance deal for your needs, check in with your provider yearly and ask for an updated rate. They may be interested in your car’s mileage changes too, and if you have any living situation changes (e.g. you upgraded security at home, you moved house, your kids got their own car, etc). Always let your insurer know!

Secondly, look for discounts your insurance provider offers – for things like being the only driver on your policy, paying your annual premium upfront, for getting a multi-car policy. Plus, there’s always the claims-free discount. Taking advantage of these offers can make a big difference to your premium, as will paying for benefits or cover you don’t really need.

Thirdly, see what you can do to make your risk profile healthier. This might mean parking your car somewhere secure during the day, switching to a less expensive car, or making a real effort to drive sensibly and not attract any fines.

You could also opt for a higher excess. This is a big decision, but it could reduce your premium. The downfall is you will have to pay more when you need to make a claim. Read up on how to choose your excess so you can make an informed decision.

Affordable, straightforward car insurance

Regardless of how much your premium is, wanting the best car insurance value for your money is never a bad thing. Ultimately, a penny saved is a penny earned.

By following these simple tips, you can significantly reduce your car insurance premium. Savings can be made.

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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Car Insurance?

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