Aspen Home Pug Sheets

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Aspen bedding for dogs is a good alternative to cedar and pine shavings. They are inexpensive, absorbent, and do a great job of controlling odor. However, they can cause sneezing and dusty eyes. Aspen bedding can cling to fabric and cause respiratory problems in pets. So, you need to consider these things when buying bedding for your dog.

If your pug doesn’t like to sleep on a hard surface, aspen home bedding is a great choice. Aspen sheets can be expanded to a generous 1.45 cubic feet, making them ideal for storing extra items. They can also be stuffed into small cars’ trunks. Aspenhome also offers bedding for large dogs. Pugs love their beds and they don’t like to move around.

Aspen Home Pug Sheets
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