Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living For Your Elderly Parents

Elderly Parents

As children of elderly parents, it’s often difficult to recognize when they may need help with everyday things. Seniors are generally very private about their life, including when they may be struggling with things, such as housekeeping, daily hygiene or even remembering to eat.  There will come a time when you may have to consider assisted living for your elderly parents. It’s important to understand that there are different housing options for seniors. For instance, nursing facilities are typically designed for seniors who are unable to live independently; they may have a medical condition that requires 24-hour care, while assisted living is designed for those who are somewhat independent, but they can benefit from supervision and personal care. Another option, if your parents are committed to aging in place, is to consider a medical alert system so in case of an accident, help will arrive at their home to give them the medical attention they need. Here are a few signs to alert you when your elderly parents can benefit from assisted living Minneapolis.

Health Problems are Worsening

If you are noticing that their health problems are getting worse, for instance, if they have had recent trips to the emergency room because they are unable to check blood sugar like they’re supposed to or their symptoms of dementia are worsening and you are concerned about them being alone at home. Health problems can quickly escalate and if your elderly parent is unable to live on their own due to escalating health problems, assisted living in Minneapolis is the ideal solution. Many assisted living facilities have a vast array of scheduled activities to keep their residents busy and it’s the ideal place to meet new friends while ensuring their health is being monitored.

Forgetfulness and Confusion

Seniors often suffer from memory loss, which may affect their daily routine. Occasionally forgetting things is a part of the aging process, but if it worsens and goes untreated, it can have serious consequences. Some of the signs that your senior parents are getting more forgetful may include finding cooking pans that have scorch marks, which indicates they have forgotten the pan was on the stove, there are overdue bills because they are forgetting to pay them, and forgetting to take medications. Unfortunately, they may also start to wander aimlessly or forget where they live. Forgetfulness and confusion can have disastrous results, so if you notice the signs, it’s important to consider assisted living.

Loneliness and Depression

Seniors often become lonely, especially if they live alone and are unable to drive. Unfortunately, loneliness can lead to depression, which can worsen the other symptoms of aging, such as poor nutrition or not taking medications like they’re supposed to. If your elderly parent has lost interest in participating in events and activities that they once enjoyed, it may be the result of depression. Living in an assisted living facility will give them the opportunity to meet new people and participate in activities that can not only reduce the symptoms of loneliness and depression but may have a positive effect on their physical health.

One of the best benefits of assisted living is that they offer different stages of assistance. For instance, one parent may be totally independent, while the other parent requires routine help from a caregiver. Watching your elderly parents struggle with daily living can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. The ideal solution is assisted living which will allow them to continue living independently, but they will have access to help when needed.

Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living For Your Elderly Parents

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