Attention 2 Detail Review

Attention 2 Detail is a locally owned mobile auto detailing company. They service PORTLAND, Lake OSwego, Beaverton, and surrounding areas. Their detailed services are guaranteed to bring your vehicle back to showroom condition. The owners are devoted to exceeding customer expectations and are always happy to answer any questions. Call them today to receive a free estimate for your car. If you have a dirty or dull car, let them know.

We were very pleased with the customer service, and the prices. The only issue we encountered was that the staff did not pay enough attention to detail, which is the most important part of a good customer service experience. This meant we had to deal with many phone calls, and we had to wait over an hour to get a product. The customer service staff were extremely helpful and accommodating, but paid too little attention to the smallest details. This was a disappointing experience for us, as we were unable to get our order processed quickly enough.

Customer service at the restaurant was good. However, their attention to detail was lacking. I would not recommend it. The staff was friendly and accommodating, but did not pay enough attention to detail. They were very rude and unprofessional. The service could have been improved with better communication and more attention to detail. The food was good, but the service was not very attentive to details. The staff was courteous and helpful, but they did not pay enough careful consideration when serving their customers.

The customer service was great, but not enough attention to detail was paid. We were able to get what we needed, and the food was delicious. But the service team did not pay enough attention to detail. The service was mediocre. The food was okay, but we were disappointed with the quality of the service. The food was good and the price was right. The store was affordable and the staff was courteous. But, I had to leave.

The customer service at the restaurant was great. But they did not pay attention to detail. I had to call the company several times and they were extremely polite and helpful. Unfortunately, I did not like their attitude. It was very difficult to get a refund. They were very nice, but they didn’t pay much attention to the details. I was genuinely pleased with my new mattress. But I wish I had more attention to the people who work at the restaurant.

The service was accommodating. We got our mattress. The customer service staff were very polite. But the lack of attention to detail was bad. They did not care about customer satisfaction. We had to spend hours at the restaurant. It was a terrible experience. And we were not able to finish the meal. It was really difficult to get a refund. We had to pay more money. The company was very rude. But we paid more attention to the quality of the food than ever before.

Overall, the service was very accommodating. But there was not enough attention to detail. This is the reason we gave a negative rating to the restaurant. Attractive food isn’t important when you don’t pay attention to details. We all want our food to taste good. We’re not paying attention to the quality of our service. In the restaurant, the staff was courteous and professional. But it didn’t pay enough.

There were too many people in our party. We didn’t feel comfortable, even though we had to wait for over an hour to get our food. And the service staff was very accommodating. But they did not pay attention to the details. The service team didn’t care enough for us to give us a good experience. The service team wasn’t attentive to our needs. But we were satisfied with the product and the price. If the service wasn’t attentive to details, it won’t make a difference.

We’re glad we went to this restaurant because we like the food and the service. But the lack of attention to detail makes it difficult to recommend this restaurant. We’ve been happy with our experience at this restaurant. The food was good and the service was excellent. The only problem we had was with the location. We were disappointed with our choices. It was very hard to find a parking spot that wasn’t far from our hotel. We’ve never had problems before with our waiter and the staff was very helpful.

Attention 2 Detail Review
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