The Average Cost of a Civil Lawsuit, Explained

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When you’d like to learn more about your legal needs, it’s important that you manage the costs that come with the territory. This is particularly important if you’re deciding to file a civil lawsuit.

So what’s the cost of going to court? What is the average cost of a civil lawsuit? Keep reading to understand the points below.

What is the Average Cost of a Civil Lawsuit?

Typically, you can expect a civil lawsuit to cost you roughly $10,000 and up. This is even in the event of the most simple and straightforward litigation.

These costs include an accumulation of different fees and legal requirements that add up during the case. You’ll have more variables to contend with if you have high-priced damages or injuries.

What Should You Know About Lawyer Fees?

The lawyer fees that come with the territory will be a big part of your civil litigation. In most civil cases, these legal professionals will charge you a contingency fee for their representation.

This contingency fee that they charge will be levied at the end of the case, once you get paid from it. The charge will usually be between roughly 30% and 40% of your payout. This isn’t an upfront cost that you will have to worry about, but bear in mind that they’ll be keeping a significant chunk of the money you receive.

Your civil lawyers should maximize your payment amounts so that you still come away with enough to handle all your damages now and in the future.

In some cases, your lawyer might also charge you by the hour or a flat retainer fee for their services. Make sure that you’re clear on what they charge prior to moving forward with legal services.

What Other Variables Affect the Cost of Civil Litigation?

You have to also do your due diligence when considering the total cost of civil litigation. There’s the discovery period, legal research, medical bills, physical therapy, property damage, and a host of other matters to contend with when it comes time to has out your legal situation.

These cases have a number of different factors that you should consider, whether it’s from a car accident, slip and fall accident, or any other matter.

You can also check out lawsuit loans that can help you pay for your legal costs in the meantime. Some lawyers have relationships with finance companies that can help you take care of your personal costs upfront while waiting for the case to be hashed out.

Put Together a Civil Lawsuit That is Best for You

The points above explain what you need to know about the average cost of a civil lawsuit. When you understand these cases, it’s easier for you to pursue the damages that you’re entitled to. Understanding the ins and outs of your litigation will make the entire process easier and more straightforward.

We’re happy to assist you when you’re looking into civil litigation of any kind. Check out our other posts related to business, real estate, law, and more.

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The Average Cost of a Civil Lawsuit, Explained

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