Azur Lane New Year Skins

Yostar has revealed new content for Azur Lane as part of the Spring Festival celebration. It includes 19 new skins, and five new characters. There are also mini-events. The event will allow players to gain five new characters and skins.

There are also several new shipgirls available, including the ultra-rare USS New Jersey. Azur Lane can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. This is one of the most loved action games on mobile. To earn new skins, you can play Azur Lane on an Android or iOS device.

Azur Lane was originally released for iOS and Android in 2017, and has since become increasingly popular. You can control a fleet of ships that resembles an anthropomorphic creature using the game’s unique gameplay system. You can choose from six different fleets and then face AI-controlled enemies or other players.

While Azur Lane is focusing on healing its wounded personnel, the Red Axis is using dangerous Siren technology. The Enterprise and Hornet are on watch. Enterprise and Kaga are both still recovering from the battle. However, a new fleet is formed that includes them and the Red Axis. Ayanami’s alternate self warns her that conflict could occur between shipgirls. She counters by saying that war is never a constant.

There are seventeen new skins for the Azur Lane outfit shop, most of which are Dragon Empery themed. There are also Qi Pao-themed skins. Every commander will also receive two outfit rental vouchers, which they can use to try out three different outfits.

The Azur Lane new year has a new leader. Kaga is now the commander and has the power to help his teammates. He also has the ability to change the game’s narrative in the way it suits them. Moreover, he is the only one who has the power to do it, which means that he is in charge of its destiny.

Azur Lane New Year Skins
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