Basic Tees vs Graphic Tees: When to Wear Them

Basic Tees vs Graphic Tees

A tee shirt has the potential to be the staple, and foundation of your outfit. They can be paired with a number of clothing pieces, can tie together and enhance almost any outfit, and can be a point of expression more than most people might think. With a number of styles of T-shirts to choose from, when to wear which type can be a difficult choice. This type of choice especially comes into play when involving when to wear basic tees, vs when to wear graphic tees. Worry not though, because we’re going to help you decide what the best occasions, and best pairings are for your T-shirt collection.

The Basic Tee

Your basic T-shirt is typically a monochromatic shirt, well-fitting, but understated. A white or a black basic tee can take you almost anywhere. Pair them with nearly any pair of pants, any jacket, and any accessory and nobody will think that your outfit is strange. This is the beauty of a basic tee. You can wear it with nearly anything without a worry. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to enhance, and perfect your outfits using a basic tee.

The Everyday

One of the best ways to utilize a basic tee is with an everyday type of look. A pair of jeans, or a pair of shorts with a monochromatic T-shirt that enhances your natural appearance is a look that you can utilize everyday, for almost any occasion. A blue or green shirt looks great for those with lighter hair and blue or green eyes. Colors like yellow and purple work excellent for people with darker hair and eyes. If you don’t want to think too much about color, then sticking with black, white, or gray will work for anyone!

Business Casual

Another great way to utilize a basic tee is as a tool for toning down an outfit that might feel too nice, or too dressy for an occasion. Say you want to wear a blazer, for instance, but don’t feel like going out dressed in a full blown suit. If this is the case, consider pairing the blazer with a nice, fitted T-shirt, and a pair of casual slacks, nice jeans, or even khakis. This type of understated looks allows you to express a casual presence with a little bit of dress. It enhances your natural looks, but does not make any overtly bold statements. You are the focus of the outfit, and can wear it in almost any situation.

The Graphic Tee

The graphic T-shirt is a fantastic form of self-expression, and a fun way to spice up your fit. Graphic T-shirts range from shape and color patterns to definitive artwork. When you find a graphic T-shirt, or a number of graphic T-shirts that you like, you can use them to make your outfits a bolder statement regarding who you are, and what you’re interested in. Using them can be a bold move, but tends to me more forward than the use of a basic tee.

Standard, but Outgoing

When you find a well made, well-designed graphic T-shirt that you love, pairing it simply with an understated item of clothing can be one of your best moves. These types of tees have the ability to stand out on their own, they don’t need the rest of your outfit to shine. Try pairing a graphic tee with your favorite pair of jeans, a confident pair of sneakers, or shorts with a color that matches your tee well. Doing this allows you to draw attention to the graphic on your shirt, and can serve as both a conversation starter, and an example of who you are.

Creative Pairings

There are plenty of great ways to pair a graphic tee with other items of clothing. Pairing a graphic tee with jeans and a blazer is a bold way to point to something deeper within your more ‘dress’ items of clothing. It builds layers, and thus creates intrigue towards your outfit. Pairing a graphic tee with a jacket, or an over-shirt or flannel can also enhance your look, and allow you to step forward with an excitement towards your own look.

Do What Feels Right

The most important thing regarding whether you wear a basic tee or a graphic tee is to do what feels right. If you feel confident, bold, and good about how you look, then go for it. If you like the way that you pair your clothes, and if you want to display that look, then it’s good for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tees and different combinations until you find a look that just feels “you.”

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Basic Tees vs Graphic Tees: When to Wear Them

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