Bella Helps Jasper – Twilight Fanfiction

You can find great Bella Fanfiction online, no matter if you love esme from Twilight or wolves with pink nail varnish. This Bella Fanfiction is a fun, escapist story about her and Jasper. Bella will also be discussed by CHARLIE. So, go ahead and explore this fanfiction and find out who is your favorite character in the Twilight series!


If you haven’t read the TWILIGHT saga, it’s time to do so. You’re likely familiar with the characters, regardless of whether you’re a fan. However, you may not be sure which ones are worth your attention. Thankfully, Stephanie Meyer’s newest Twilight novel, ESME FINDS TWILIGHT, provides just that! Here are some of the best parts of the novel that will have you screaming for more!

The story revolves around Esme Swan, the daughter-in-law of Edward Cullen. She is worried that Edward would never find his soulmate because he was too gentlemanly when he introduced Bella to her. However, she accepts the young woman and arouses her love for her as she did the other adopted kids. Edward introduces Esme as his mother to Bella in Twilight, which causes her to fall for her.

It’s difficult to imagine a character that wouldn’t fall for Esme. Her character is warm and has strong maternal instincts. Her first child died when she was just days old. She’s just as smart as her husband and is as kind as her husband. Esme enjoys renovating old buildings and studying art and photography.

Carlisle Cullen, Esme’s second husband and her creator, is Carlisle Cullen. They met in 1911, when she needed medical treatment for a broken leg. She fell in love, but found no other man to compare to him. When she was dying of a suicide attempt, she was discovered by Dr. Cullen, who recognized Esme from 10 years ago. She was turned back into a vampire by Carlisle after a failed suicide attempt. However, she found a new life with him.

Bella Helps Jasper – Twilight Fanfiction
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