Benefits of Infrared Heaters in Home Heating

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heating is a comparatively new concept for most homes. While in countries like Germany and France, almost every house has an infrared heating system, these systems are gradually gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

An infrared heating system works by emitting radiations that heat the objects it comes in contact with without heating the air when propagating through it. It makes them highly efficient as minimal heat gets wasted, and these heaters do not need to warm up to high temperatures. There are other benefits of an infrared blackboard heater than maintaining an ambient temperature in the room.

Here we explore the incredible benefits of using infrared heaters in home heating.

Energy and cost savings

Compared to traditional heaters, the infrared blackboard heater consumes much less electricity. These heaters utilize modern technologies like a wireless remote thermostat to warm a room more efficiently.

Energy consumption is measured in kW/h (Kilowatts per hour). A regular electric fire heater consumes 2.0 kW/h on average to estimate electricity consumption. A fan heater has a similar power consumption, while oil-filled heaters and standard convectors use around 1.0 to 1.5 kW/h. In comparison, infrared heating panels consume an average of 0.29 to 0.8 kW/h of electricity. The consumption depends on the size of the infrared blackboard heater panel size.

You save around 40% on electricity bills when switching to the infrared heating system. As these systems come with a wireless remote thermostat, you don’t have to keep switching between the temperatures. You just set an ambient temperature, and the infrared heater thermostat will auto maintain the temperature.

No maintenance costs

An infrared space heater has no maintenance cost. With no moving components or peripherals, there is minimal scope for malfunctioning. The infrared blackboard heater has a simple design and plug-and-play functionality. It implies that these appliances will require no maintenance virtually. There will be no associated costs that will incur during their operation. With traditional heating systems, maintenance is a mandate as they have many moving points that require regular servicing and professional maintenance.

Also, infrared heaters work by transmitting heat directly to the object; unlike traditional heaters that heat the air, there is minimal loss due to the poor insulation of a room. This means you do not have to keep them switched on for long to heat the room; it adds to their life.

Several health benefits 

Traditional convector heaters are injurious to health. As these heaters burn up the oxygen in the room, they cause suffocation. Also, they dry up the air causing dry eyes and nasal blockage. Infrared heaters do not have such side effects.

Instead, an infrared heating system offers several health benefits. Infrared waves cause the heating effect by exciting the molecules in an object or human body. This is why infrared heaters create a more profound sensation of warmth. Such heat also stimulates the circulatory system and relaxes muscles, causing pleasure. If you think it’s unnatural, it is the same way how sunlight warms up the human body from the inside and not just the skin.

An indoor infrared heater is also better for people suffering from health conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. These heaters do not generate any air currents that rise and cause the dust in the room to circulate.

An infrared blackboard heater is very effective in removing dampness from the room. As walls and ceilings also absorb the heat, it destroys any molds and fungi spores. The heating effect of infrared heaters does not affect the air. The motionless air in a room is beneficial for people suffering from rheumatism.

Free up space 

Infrared blackboard heater panels can be installed in most cramped spaces. The modular designs of these panels make it possible to mount them on a wall or ceiling. An infrared picture heater panel can be as small as 360W 600 x 600 mm that flawlessly gels with the interior of a room.

You will not even realize that a heater is installed in the room. You do not need much space to install the IR heaters like required for a bulky convector heater.

You will essentially save much space that you can use. However, stand-alone models are also available if you do not want to install the infrared heating system on the wall or ceiling. These IR heaters are highly versatile that allow you to adapt the heating according to your changing needs. You can move such infrared heaters from room to room. And, there is no scarcity of designs as well. Infrared heaters are available in a range of colors – white, black, red, and brushed chrome; you will find a color that will complement your décor.


There are many reasons to choose an infrared blackboard heater for your rooms. They are cost and energy-efficient, come in several models and designs, and offer multiple health benefits. Next time you consider room heating solutions, give infrared heating systems a try.

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Benefits of Infrared Heaters in Home Heating

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