Best Apps for Learning New Languages

Best Apps for Learning New Languages

Being a foreign content fan, the first instinct after enjoying a good drama or song is to travel to the country or learn the language. From k-dramas to Thai BL series and even movies on topics that are generally brushed under the carpet, streaming sites have something for everyone.  While most of this content has raised awareness and offered context from the other side, it has also increased the hunger for learning new languages.

Learning new languages opens doors for new opportunities that can be monetized later. People from around the world now flex their bilingual status. All these have come down to breaking barriers, the majority of that has happened because of cultural exchange, and language has a very important role to play in cultural exchange.

As someone new in the language-learning arena, you will come across extremely expensive foreign language courses, which will make you think that learning new languages might be for the privileged.  However, with technology and some help from the internet, you will be able to master any language without spending a single penny. There are so many self-learning and vocabulary-building apps to help you learn a new language. These apps are free, have daily lesson plans, and are very effective.

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Best Apps for Learning New Languages

As the demand for language learning apps is rampant, you will find the App Studio and Play Store cluttered with these apps. Most of these apps follow a subscription-based model, so, you need to pay for them. Others have old and slow updates while some are not accurate according to local language standards. To find the perfect language-learning app, you need to find one that offers visual and audio aid so you can master the pronunciation on the go.

Here are some of the best language-learning apps to help you build your vocabulary; polish your pronunciation, and master comprehension.

1. Duolingo

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: Free

Best for: Learning multiple languages at the same time

Standout Features: Daily bite-size language lessons

As a beginner trying to learn a new language, you will struggle with a lesson plan and staying motivated. Most people get excited about new things so they try to learn everything at the same time.  Eventually, due to this mismanagement, they lose motivation within a few weeks. With Duolingo, you will have easy-to-follow, bite-sized lessons every day.

The app sets daily reminders so you can practice daily. It follows the stage unlock option which is similar to most game apps. In addition, you will find visual aid and pronunciation guidelines for better learning and practicing. For progress tracking, you can easily check the language level at each stage. The app also offers a revision option in case you skip the daily lessons. The only downside of this app is that it does not offer any real-life conversations because there is no community option for practice.

2. Mondly

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: Free trial – $10/month

Best for: Practicing real-life conversations

Standout Features: Best app for phrases and pronunciations

Where most apps will help you focus on simple words to phrases technique, Mondly focuses on phrases and pronunciation so you have a native touch. Right from the beginning, you will learn to build vocabulary through general conversation. As you learn, you can then match your pronunciation, according to the native speakers.

Finally, to practice everything you have learned, you can use the AI-based chatbot option. From speech recognition to complete assessment and eventually speech coaching, you will get everything and see your language skill going from beginner to pro, real quick. The only downside of this app is that the app is paid and you get to learn just one language at a time.

3. Rosetta Stone

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: $12/month

Best for: Personalized lesson schedule

Standout Features: Best app for learning through listening and speaking

If you are skeptical about the progress and the game methods used by other apps, Rosetta Stone might be the best fit for you. With over 25 years of language teaching experience, this app uses the traditionally tried and tested teaching method that works for all.

Apart from the proven teaching method, you will get to have personalized lesson plans that will fit your learning needs. The immersive yet comprehensive bite-sized daily lesson by the Rosetta Stone focuses on learning through the speaking method. The only downside of the app is the dry and formal teaching method. If you have a low attention span, this might not be the best fit for you.

4. Babbel

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: $37/month

Best for: 15 minutes daily lesson

Standout Features: Best app for learning through interactive dialogue style

If you get easily distracted or you are new to learning via the app, Babbel will be the best option for you. With its simple and minimalistic layout, it is extremely easy to navigate for everyone. The app allows the user to choose from flexible learning and paid plans.

From 15 minutes daily learning plan to six months of an annual progress-based learning timeline, you will get to choose whatever subscription deems fit for you. The app uses bite-sized lessons that you can practice on the go or before going to bed.

5. Drops

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: $13/month

Best for: Visual learners

Standout Features: Best app for building vocab via an easy approach

If you do not like boring learning styles, Drops will change your language learning for good. With just five minutes of daily vocab practice, you will get to polish your language. So far, this is the most fun and engaging language-learning app among the bunch.

Since the app allows just five minutes of visual learning practice each day, even people who get easily distracted can learn through the app.

Bottom Line

With so many apps to choose from, it is very important to research before you make a purchase. From your learning style to the timeline you want to follow, and even the budget, every detail is important for making a decision.

Best Apps for Learning New Languages

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