Five Best Countries To Visit with Your Pet

Best Countries To Visit with Your Pet

What are the best countries to visit with your dog or cat? If you’re considering moving or just taking an extended trip somewhere new, maybe you could bring your fur kid along for the ride?

Of course, getting them there and back can sometimes be the hardest (and most expensive) part of the equation. Once you’re there though, these five countries are as pet friendly as they come.

All that’s left is to book those flights, take out human and pet health insurance, and start dreaming!

  1. France

Those TV shows where perfectly groomed Poodles roam the streets of France aren’t actually too far from the truth. The French in general are very welcoming towards dogs, and you’ll find you can bring them along almost everywhere.

Whether that means a stroll through Paris to the local café for the best croissant, or to stay overnight in a fancy Chateaux in the South of France. Most accommodation providers are pet friendly, and people are often going about their daily lives with pets in tow.

  1. Switzerland

Fancy a few years working at a ski chalet and tasting the best fondue in the world? Switzerland is a nation of animal lovers and they take pet parenting very seriously. In fact, the government even recommends a training course for first-time owners. Though it isn’t compulsory anymore it was once a legal requirement. But once your pet is properly registered and trained, you’ll find you can bring them just about everywhere with you.

Another thing to consider is that once you’re in Europe with your pet, you can usually travel around with them pretty freely. So you can explore loads of different countries with your adventure-loving pet in tow. What more could a pet owner need?

  1. New Zealand

What better option – aside from taking out the best pet insurance to safeguard your pet throughout holidays and beyond – than a quick hop across the sea? New Zealand is a haven for adventure loving humans, and the same goes for adventure loving pets.

However note that NZ has strict quarantine requirements for pets entering from most countries. Be sure to check the guidelines before booking any flights and accommodation.

  1. Japan

Though there are fairly stringent quarantine requirements, Japan is a fabulous place for pets. Especially cats. As a nation of cat-lovers who absolutely adore felines of all sorts, your cat will be treated like royalty.

Although the bustling streets of Tokyo may not seem like the most pet-friendly destination in the world, Japan offers everything from pet-friendly offices to cat cafes, as well as beaches and parks for outings. Dog owners needn’t feel left out either: there’s even a dog-friendly mall, the Machida Grandberry Mall.

  1. Brazil

Brazil may be famous for Carnivale, but it has so much more to offer than that. Aside from plenty of outdoor adventures for you and your pet (think hiking, swimming, dancing, and more), but there’s also great weather and amazing food.

Most restaurants will allow your pet to sit with you outside so you can enjoy the sunshine together, and did you know there’s even an annual pet parade in Rio? Pet parent heaven.

Pet Health Insurance Along For The Ride

Whether you’re taking a quick jaunt or a longer-term approach, getting the best pet insurance possible will help put your mind at ease during your travels. Of course, that depends on whether it covers both domestic and international travel. Be sure to read the policy wording.

The same goes for travel insurance for you – understand what’s included and what’s not so you know just how covered your global travels will be.

Five Best Countries To Visit with Your Pet

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