The Best Link-Building Email Templates for Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

What Is Blogger Outreach and Link Building?

Besides SEO, content-based relationship-driven links are having a huge impact on today’s digital marketing. A successful outreach campaign consists of three main components:

  • To make offers that are worth promoting.
  • To identify professional companies that you find valuable for your product
  • To send personalized emails to leads and existing customers to benefit both parties.

Blogger outreach services create high-quality content for your brand. Over the last two years, digital transformation has rapidly increased the demand for blogging outreach strategies and professional attraction.

Marketers who prioritize active blogs are 13 times more likely to generate a positive ROI from their work. Today, there are more than 1.7 billion websites around the world, of which more than 500 million belong to blogs. SEO-driven content is essential to success in the market.

64% of B2B marketers outsource blog writing. 88% of brands outsource content formation and blogger outreach services, saying that content creation is the most urgent need. Last year, 93% more blogs used advertising techniques to drive traffic to content, including paid ads.

Another technique is building inbound links, which are generally considered one of the right ways if done right. Present content to publications that may be interested in sharing content with a variety of audiences. Before sending a link-building email, you must:

  • Post exceptional content that is organically quoted by the publisher and use backlinks that add value to your readers.
  • Send a customized email to a specific publisher and personalize each email, making sure it contains something unique and worthy for the recipient.
  • You can consistently create new backlinks to improve your website’s ranking. Here are some powerful backlink email outreach templates to use as a starting point to extend your reach.

72% of digital marketers consider content creation to be the most efficient SEO tactic. Companies that write blogs have 97% more links to their websites.

Email Outreach

8 Best Email Templates

1. Email template to receive guest posting opportunities

Most people will gladly accept a link to your site, even if it contains a link to your site, if you can fit their site and provide valuable articles that serve their audience. Most content managers and website owners publish guest posts only if they are suitable for the website. Therefore, make sure that the guest posts you deliver are of the highest quality possible.

Subject: Questions about guest postings on “Name of the Company” blogs

Hello “First Name of the Prospect”

I thoroughly learnt a lot from your recent interview with [Interviewee Name] on [Topic]. I realized that you are accepting guest posts and wanted to see if you were interested in writing one of these posts on the “Name of the company” blog:

Article Idea # 1

Article Idea # 2

Article Idea # 3

Here you can read the articles I wrote for my blog [link to your blog].

Do you see any of these well? preferable, “Think of a unique friendly name”

As you can see, this template makes it easy for prospective customers. This allows them to evaluate what quality they can expect.

Email template

2. Limited offer emails

Create and offer exclusive deals for top-ranked publications in your industry. This can generate higher traffic from a single link, so it may be worth adjusting or rethinking your publishing schedule. When contacting a top journalist who is likely to be overwhelmed with your inbox, be sure to give as much information as possible with a detailed subject, short emails, and as few words as possible.

Hello ……..,

Read your coverage ……………………….

Surprisingly many others are starting to move to social media platforms with high CTR for their ads.

We are pleased to offer you exclusive services so that you can blog first.

What do you think?


Presenting great ideas along with an offer to write a guest post can increase the tendency of recipients to say “yes”. Just make sure you do your research well and promote a new and different idea so that it is not ignored.

Limited offer emails

3. Become a partner and create new content

Using this technique, you can build real relationships with your target audience and build authority over topics. Here’s an example

Subject: Are you collaborating on a webinar with “Name of the establishment”?

Hello “First Name”

The workshop at “Name of the Event” in “Date and Time” was quite informative and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I found your point on the [topic mentioned] to be particularly interesting. We are planning a content pipeline at [our company] in the next quarter, so we will contact you. With an audience like “The previous company event” I wanted to know what you think about hosting a webinar together. With over 10,000 subscribers on our mailing list, we can generate some traffic for you.

Is this worth investigating?

“Your Name/Brand/Business Name”

Personalize your email and fully customize the opening line to show that this is an email that will not be sent to anyone. Again, it’s a good idea to keep your CTA open-ended, as prospects may have ideas you want to share with you. The important thing is to focus on starting the conversation.

Create new content

4. Personalized pitch

An important part of a successful email address is personalization. If you show that your pitch is genuine, the person may develop an interest in your firm and offer.

Hello ……….,

I know that you are compliant with Social Media, so I wanted to show this interactive timeline that we created, which compares the two growth staff. Every month they realized that they have posted a full round curve with the latest story and research, and I thought this timeline may be a good inclusion. Contact us if you have any queries


Personalized Pitch


Building backlinks can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but personalized, emails make it easy to connect with prospects and start conversations. The whole idea is not to sound salesman-like or try to sell your products and services using blogger outreach services or back-linked emails; instead, it is about creating and maintaining a strong connection with the prospects.

The important thing is that every email should be personalized to provide real value to your prospects. Add value by writing guest posts, working with them, or highlighting broken links on your site that need to be fixed. This is how you can get more responses to your blogger and email outreach campaigns.

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The Best Link-Building Email Templates for Blogger Outreach

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