Blacksmith Betrayer Guide – Complete the Quest in the New World

You must complete the quest in The New World to win Blacksmith Betrayer. To complete this quest, you need to have level 33. This quest will reward 110,25 moedas as well as 2.020 experience. The quest is located in the New World mines at Shui Tijong.

The Blacksmith Betrayer is about a character named Smit Makkoia. He is a 35-year old smith. He is looking for Kata, a woman named Kata. The two of them have a strained relationship, and Makkoia is attempting to keep her from hurting her feelings.

The quest begins in Corlew’s Mines, which is full of enemies. You will need to kill the blacksmith before you can reach him. Otherwise, two more enemies will join you. They do not cause any damage, but they can explode themselves if they are too close. Although they won’t kill you, they can cause damage to other enemies at lower levels.

Another 35-level enemy is the Master Smith McCoy. He wields an enormous hammer and will often summon Molten Entities in order to attack you. These enemies should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, you should focus your damage on Master Smith McCoy. You’ll want to have at least a few hammers to help you deal with this foe.

You can also find the sixth weapon design near Master Smith McCoy. You can also find an alchemy container next to his provision box. The seventh design can be found in a second crate next to it. If you are lucky, you will be able to find all the weapon designs.

The second design of weapon is near the supply stockpile. To find it, climb uphill and use the scaffolding or wooden crane to reach the ledge. You’ll then see some stone bricks. This design will allow you to build the weapon.

Blacksmith Betrayer Guide – Complete the Quest in the New World
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