Blue Dog and Pink Cat – Why You Should Adopt Me

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The Blue Dog and Pink Cat were once extremely rare and only available to buy through a special blue egg. You also had to wait a long time to acquire them, and their availability was limited. Despite their difficulty, you should consider getting a Blue Dog as one of your legendary pets. They are rare and worth the price of one other legendary pet. Continue reading to learn more about the Blue Dog or Pink Cat.

Blue dogs are rare and special pets. It first appeared in the game during the Easter event, but was removed afterwards. You can still obtain a Blue Dog if you manage to hatch the remaining Blue Eggs. The Blue Dog’s appearance is similar to the Dog model, except its blue fur glows underwater. The blue color is a unique trait that makes it more unique. The Blue Dog has a unique color palette, and can be very difficult to acquire, so make sure to collect Blue Eggs!

Blue Dog and Pink Cat – Why You Should Adopt Me
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