Board and Brush New Lenox

board and brush new

Board and Brush is an affordable, DIY-driven small business that provides customers with the tools they need to create wood-based art. The friendly atmosphere and helpful staff are what make this place so popular. The studio is run by employees who are responsible for setting up and preparing stencils, paint, stain, as well as other tasks. Though customers can be a bit difficult to assist, the atmosphere and people at Board and Brush make the job worthwhile.

Board and Brush New Lenox can be found at 2401 E. Joliet Highway in New Lenox, IL 60451, USA. The store offers many activities as well as unique projects. The store also sells alcoholic beverages. To learn more about this unique place, visit their website. You can also visit the store during normal business hours.

Board and Brush New Lenox
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