Bohse Onkelz net worth

Böhse Onkelz is a German rock group that was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1980. The band was reunited in 2014. Despite mass media criticism of their past as skinheads, several of their later records rose to the top of the German album charts (over 5,338,000 records sold and 425,000 videos or DVDs). EINS was their most successful album with over 510,000 copies sold. How rich is Böhse Onkelz?

Rock band. The rock band was formed in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Böhse Onkelz net worth is estimated at around 25 million euros. They started out in the small but lively punk scene in Frankfurt am Main, but soon found their true calling in the hard rock genre. This proved to be the beginning of their success with a wider audience and in 1992 the album “Heilige Lieder” reached a top 5 chart position. Further chart successes followed until it turned out that the BÖHSE ONKELZ are an important and permanent part of the German music scene.

Members: Kevin Russell, Stephan Weidner, Matthias Röhr, Peter Schorowsky.
Nationality: German
His career began: 1980

What is Böhse Onkelz’s net worth?
Böhse Onkelz’s assets are currently € 25 million.

Record labels: Virgin Records, rule23 Recordings.
Music genres: Hard rock, German rock.
Debut studio album: The Nice Man (1984).

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Bohse Onkelz net worth

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