8 Tactics to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

Boost Engagement on Facebook Business Page

We all want to know Facebook’s secrets and how to create the perfect campaign to maximize our followers when making videos. Then again, sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and simply remembering the viewers. Yes, you guessed it, content is still the most critical aspect of any online video. Of course, you may look for some of the best sites to buy Facebook likes & followers but there are some tips that will help you create video content that’s truly awesome. Before you get started though, pick a video maker and then check out the following, easy tactics.

8 Key Tactics for Boosting your Content with a Video Maker 

When you make videos, you can actually be strategic in terms of how you post them and what you do with them once they’re online, as per the following tips: 

1- Get the Right Timing

With so many posts going on every second, you don’t want to miss your viewers’ online time. Facebook has shown that the best time of day to post videos online seems to be around lunchtime. That means that you can download your video somewhere between around midday and 2 pm. 

If you think about it, that actually makes sense because people are rushing to work in the morning. On the flip side, they might be sorting out kids and other family commitments in the evenings. Moreover, that’s actually good news for you. That’s because you can work on your video maker in the morning, or the night before, include any editing tweaks and you can easily post your first video by lunchtime.

2- Leverage Polls, Surveys, and Quizzes

The best way to engage people is to ask for their opinions through your online videos. People love being the center of attention and that’s essentially what you’re creating with your video maker. Use the video editor to post the question across your images and get people to comment and debate. You can also offer prizes for any quizzes or competitions that you launch when you create videos. Although, a word of caution. Make sure you don’t overdo this one because people will quickly get tired of it. They’ll start seeing your online video efforts as just an engagement scam. 

Leverage Polls, Surveys, and Quizzes

3- Generate Activity through Comments and Engaging Visuals 

Clearly, the more people comment and share your online video you’ll increase your engagement. Of course, you should comment and encourage discussion when you download your video. Other tools that you can easily use and create with your video maker are infographics, memes, and the simple trick of contrasting colors and fonts when video editing.

4- Get a Budget 

Of course, you always have the option of paying for ads or for Facebook to boost your posts. Facebook has lots of tips on how to create an ad campaign. Either way, your video maker is the perfect tool because it has many video templates that you can easily customize. You can also drag and drop your own content to create videos that are unique and exceptional. In terms of budget, you’re looking at a range between a few dollars to tens of dollars per day. 

5- Create Videos with a Story 

Yes, it’s a business page but people like to see the humans behind their brands. A video maker further helps you do that because you can easily customize any video template with your own content and logos. Perhaps you can tell the story of how your brand came to be, for instance? Then again, a customer story can also be very powerful in videos online. Don’t forget that the software also allows you to add free music thanks to its library of no rights reserved audio files. After all, music is the perfect tool to enhance your stories.

6- Share your Facebook Link 

It almost goes without saying that you should share your Facebook information on your website and on all your emails. Moreover, social media doesn’t just mean Facebook these days, and actually, most online video maker tools very conveniently connect to most of the major social media channels. So, share the relevant videos online on Instagram, Twitter, and wherever else. Of course, you should be careful to not overload your channels and to honor each one’s approach and style though. 

7- Have an Awesome About Section and Landing Page

Just like any website, people make an impression when they land on your Facebook page. You should therefore make sure that both your landing page and ‘about’ section look professional and have the right keywords and information. This will actually be easier for you when you then make videos because you’ll have a clear focus on what you’re offering and why.

8- Optimize 

Search engine optimization is getting increasingly sophisticated. Nevertheless, when you create videos, honor your brand and optimize your keywords to make sure you rank high. Then you should be consistent and relevant with your content when you create videos. Finally, use the fact that it’s so quick to make a video with a video maker and it’s very easy to use. That means you can constantly update and refresh your content on a regular basis. 


Final Thoughts for Boosting Engagement on Facebook with your Video Maker 

Engagement always starts with awesome content. Moreover, your video maker has you covered when it comes to making quality videos. Then, simply think about tools such as quizzes, stories, optimizing, and of course, getting the right timing. Everything should follow smoothly from there with an increase in traffic to your site.

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8 Tactics to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

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