Boston Jr Terriers Ice Hockey

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The Boston Jr. Terriers are a Tier I and Tier II Elite youth ice hockey team from Boston. They compete in the AAA level, as well as in Tier I and Tier II of the national junior ice hockey league. The team plays home games in Canton Sportsplex and Bavis Ice Arena, respectively. This article will cover all the basic information you need to know about Boston Jr. Terriers ice hockey.

The Boston Jr. Terriers play in the Northeast Hockey League, and they compete in both AAA and Tier II ice hockey leagues. Their home games take place at Canton Sportsplex in Canton and Bavis Ice Arena in Rockland, Massachusetts. If you’re looking for a great ice rink, look no further than the Boston Jr. Terriers! Just remember that you’ll be playing with dogs that love to be in the rink.

The BJT has been around since 1977, and it has won numerous championships in the youth hockey leagues across the country. In 2004, it became part of the Eastern Hockey Federation, which includes the top teams of the Metro Boston Hockey League. Its teams have won state championships, national championships, and league titles. Currently, it has 50 different teams and five are in the top ten in the nation.

Boston Jr Terriers Ice Hockey
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