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Olives From Peru

Olives are an integral component of Peruvian cuisine. Botija olives (pronounced bow-tea-hah ‘) are especially abundant with umami – that savory yet tangy taste unrecognized by Westerners.

Cuzco’s markets become overflowing with them between April and July. Their mild taste makes them ideal as an introduction to olives.

Early Life and Education

These olives make an irresistible addition to any salad or appetizer. Low temperature drying keeps them juicy and flavorful while being lightly seasoned with oregano and thyme for extra zest!

These delectable olives are an integral part of Peruvian cuisine and known as Aceitunas Negras or Aceitunas de Botija after their traditional storage container – clay jars.

Olive seeds are packed with essential vitamins A and E, calcium, iron and beautifying oleic acid – an anti-aging monounsaturated fat with numerous health benefits – making them an excellent source of selenium. To enjoy them properly, remove their pits using a nutcracker and consume only the fleshy outside layer (do not chew or swallow the hard shell as this could injure your intestinal wall). Aim to consume three to four seeds weekly.

Professional Career

He has served as an international advisor to several olive oil mills, unions and institutions worldwide, participating as a panelist in several congresses held in Peru, Chile, Brazil and California (USA). Furthermore, he founded SUDOLIVA as an organization committed to the promotion of olive trees as well as Peru’s centennial Tacna olive.

He is an accomplished singer who has recorded four albums with Musart Records. In 1986, she recorded Un Pedacito de Mi as her final record with Musart. This album produced Era la Primera Vez which became an unbridled hit on Latin American charts.

Personal Life

Raw Organic Botija Olives (also known as botilla olives) from Peru come packaged in water and sea salt for optimal freshness. Ecologically farmed on coastal desert plains of southern Peru, handpicked, hand-packed and packed with exceptional care; these delectable naturally cured olives will enhance any culinary creation!

Delicious Black Olives! Soft, succulent black olives provide just the perfect texture to add flavorful flair to any Mediterranean, Spanish or Greek dish – or enjoy straight out of the jar!

Sunfood’s Aceitunas Negras de Botija are handpicked when ripe, then lacto-fermented with just water and sea salt for lacto-fermentation. Flavored lightly with Mediterranean herbs such as laurel, tarragon, oregano and thyme for flavoring; low temperature drying keeps these olives juicy while maintaining all nutritional value.

Net Worth

These Peruvian botija olives are pitted, cured and dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve their natural oils while being mildly flavored with organic laurel, tarragon and oregano herbs – an ideal complement to Mediterranean, Spanish or Greek dishes, or simply delicious eaten right out of the jar!

Sunfood’s Organic Botija (or “botilla”) Olives are a delightful, deep purple version of the classic kalamata style olive. Perfect as an addition to salads or appetizers, or used in many Mediterranean/Italian recipes as an ingredient! Incorporating these fruit-like treats into any diet provides extra nutrition such as vitamins A & E, calcium, iron, beautifying oleic acid for beauty purposes and healthy monounsaturated fats for heart health – while being naturally low on sodium intake!

botija olive
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