Bottomless Bag Recipe – An Innovative Bottomless Bag Item

Bottomless Bag Recipe

The bottomless bag was a very popular item for World of Warcraft back in the early days. Many raids required the members to carry an open beta bag, which contained all sorts of items and loot that were not allowed or transferred to the raid parties. The idea was that any member could fill the open beta bag with whatever they wanted and take it with them into the raid to ensure that no one got anything from it first. This worked okay during normal play, but it certainly had its disadvantages.

Disadvantage of Bottomless Bag Recipe

The biggest disadvantage to these recipes is that they were extremely difficult to find and craft. One had to actually be in the appropriate faction to get access to the recipe and craft it. Also, crafting the item could take several hours of gold grinding or other such activity. There was no way to tell what kind of recipes were available for any given item.

Another problem was that the recipes were only available on certain servers, and some guilds did not want to share a certain item with another guild because they believed that it would be stolen. The main issue was that if the item was wanted by another guild, the whole server needed to be disabled. This made it almost impossible to keep track of everyone’s preferences.

How to Solve the Problem

So what was the solution? There was one way to solve this problem that avoided many of the problems associated with the open beta recipes. One option was to make an entirely new version of the recipes. For example, instead of using vanilla ice, you might make use of the new Heirloom bonds recipe which could drop several of the appropriate quality.

This allowed everyone to have the ability to use the soulbond without having to worry about whether it would drop on a Vanilla WoW mob or on a Cultured one. This way we maintained the flexibility of using different recipes while also maintaining the same content. Another big benefit here was that you never had to settle for the mediocre. As long as you had the recipes to use you could use whatever you wanted and the end result would be the same.

Options For Soulbonds

Since the soulbond is part of the bag, it was only natural to expect that the recipes would also affect it in some way. Fortunately, the designers listened to our requests and added additional options for soulbonds. For example, players now have the opportunity to use a random gem from their bag instead of the default gem that is provided with your first purchase. This opened up a world of opportunities as far as using soulbond was concerned.

When looking at how the bottomless bag recipe has changed since the vanilla days, you might think that it has lost some of its charms. Well, I can sympathize with you there. However, with the addition of the new soulbond options, the entire gameplay experience has been changed for the better. You now have even more options available as far as soul bonding is concerned and this makes for a richer gaming experience.


I would say the bottomless bag recipe is still among my favorite items in the game. Even when things like the soulbond changes the overall experience is still great. I still enjoy going through the levels and experimenting with different things. I just wish they had added more options to the gameplay. It would have certainly made things a lot easier to create new items like soulbond. There are many things that can be said about this recipe that makes it one of the best in the game but there is really no way to describe it other than to say that it is still one of the best.

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Bottomless Bag Recipe – An Innovative Bottomless Bag Item

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