BritBox New Shows for June 2022

Introducing a brand new series titled Reel Britannia – a decade-by-decade look at the golden age of British cinema – BritBox is bringing the best of British TV to U.S. and Canadian television viewers. It will include everything from Trainspotting to Star Wars, and more. Other series coming soon include Billy Liar and Poor Cow, The Angry Silence and A Single Man.

Redemption is another original drama on the way. Paula Malcomson will play DI Colette Cunningham who runs Liverpool’s Serious Crime Squad. She discovers her daughter Kate’s body in Dublin, and she decides to stay and investigate the cold case. All six episodes will air on Tuesday, June 14th.

Sarah Phelps, author of The Sixth Commandment has transformed a true crime story into an epic series. It is set in London in 2021 and follows the murder of two women named Mary and Sarah. The series explores the role of the manipulative student as well as the intricate criminal investigation. The screenplays were written with the support of the families of both Peter and Ann.

Another drama from the UK, The Tourist, is set outback Australia. A British man is pursued by a tank truck and left in a coma. He later finds himself in an unsettling hospital and searches for answers. The series is directed by Chris Sweeney and stars Jamie Dornan. The Tourist premiered on BBC One on New Year’s Day 2022 and has already been in production.

Streaming service BritBox has taken a serious approach to original drama. The streaming service will debut a new eight-part series called Marlow, written by Tony Grisoni and starring Claire Foy. The series will follow two warring families in the Thames Estuary. It will be a treat for any Brit watching television. Trailers for the new series are available starting in June.

Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes star in The A Word spin-off comedy series. It will feature a married couple. It will premiere June 10. The drama The A Word, which features six episodes and stars Sarah Gordy and Leon Harrop, is another comedy series. The show will air on ITV in 2023. The new series will return with a bang.

BritBox’s other acclaimed drama series is The Barking Murders. Hugh Bonneville stars as a police officer who investigates a murder. However, this is no old odd-couple detective series – it is a true crime drama that centers on a real-life serial killer. Stephen Merchant plays Stephen Port, a serial killer who murdered four young gay men. After the murders, the serial killer was caught.

White Stork, formerly known as Spadehead, is another docu-series that will be featured on the Britbox. Eleven produced this 10 episode political drama. They are the same company that brought you Sex Education. This show stars Tom Hiddleston as James Cooper, a parliamentary candidate with a dark past. The show is created and directed by Christopher Dunlop and Kristoffer Nyholm.

BritBox New Shows for June 2022
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